I feel a little overwhelmed by changes at the moment.

The last week of October, I changed writing software.  I really liked my old software, but it was having issues running on Windows 4million.12 or whatever I have on my laptop at this exact moment.  Serious issues, like crashed and couldn’t recover chapters issues.  And when I contacted the handy-dandy support email I was pretty much told they knew and they weren’t going to be making any changes, good luck.

So, I tested out like 20 pieces of software and hated all of them.  Then I thought really hard about why I hated all of them and found the one I hated the least and bought it.  Of course, this did not come without a hassle.  I downloaded free trials when available and one company went ahead and charged me for the software (PayPal snafu on their part)… Of all the software I tested, it was the one I was the least likely to use and I had to put up a serious fight to get my money back.  Eventually, I did and now I have software that I’m learning.  There are some features I love; for example it will randomly generate miscellaneous characters for me.  I tell it I need a female born in the US and it gives me a character name, description, hobbies (what exactly is decoupage?), zodiac sign, birth date, and trivia about the character (favorite color yellow)… Which means the creation of random victims has become much easier.  Some I hate, such as an extensive storyboard system with built in character mesh for plotting.  I’m not really a plotter. I have a beginning and sometimes an end, unless it’s a Cain novel and then I lack a beginning or end but have a killer.

Around the same time, I agreed to change cell service providers.  Now, my mother and I have been with Sprint for 23 years and I really liked Sprint, except… My SO can stream a freakin’ movie to his phone in the bedroom of our camper at the campground and I can’t even download an ebook if I go outside (there’s just enough Sprint service to keep data from roaming, but even ebooks time out when I attempt to download them).  Sometime in the last half dozen years, one of the nephews went to work for Verizon.  Verizon works at the campground (and other places where my SO has service and I don’t, but he uses AT&T)!  Today, I got a new phone, new tablet, new contract, the whole kit and kaboodle.

And while it may not sound traumatic, I changed hairstylists.  For those that do not personally know me, I will say this: I have had the same hairstyle since the Bronze Age because my hair is actually untrainable.  It is straight.  It is flat.  It doesn’t take a style well.  This is why I wear it up 99% of the time.  Now, I’ve had some grey and white hairs mixed into the brown for nearly two decades, but they have decided to multiple faster and reject the store bought boxed brands of colors.  Plus, while I have a lot of hair, the strands themselves are very fine.  This means I occasionally miss spots and that just looks stupid.  Since my hair isn’t trainable and really isn’t styleable, I keep the same haircut because it is manageable and doesn’t look bad.  However, usually when I see a new stylist, they start suggesting bobs and pixies and textured sides with bangs to frame my face better.  I cannot pull off any of these.  Friday I met Joy.  Joy didn’t suggest bobs or pixies or bangs.  She did recommend I go a little darker on the color with a little more red in the lowlights.  I chickened out on that and regret it.  I should have gone darker with more red in the lowlights (I do actually know more about hair than Nadine Daniels; my cousin owned a salon for years… I can even tell you the tint of my hair as well as providing information on my natural highlights and lowlights, which I do have).  The cut is perfect and pretty much exactly the same haircut I got the last time.  The color is great, even if I did chicken out.  I will be returning to Joy.  (I only changed because my stylist doesn’t do color and I refuse to let my hair go grey and white naturally… If I live to be 93, I will have the same haircut and my hair will be brown with highlights and lowlights).

I’m not big on changes.

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