Some More Unusual Incidents

Since we touched upon the mysterious happenings at The Cecil yesterday, I thought we’d continue the theme today.  Here’s some more unusual incidents that have happened over the last 50 years or so.

  • In the late 1970s, two bodies were found along the shoulder of a highway in New Jersey.  The bodies belonged to a man and a woman (Carol Marron and I don’t remember the guy’s name) and they had matching injuries.  Each had been beaten up on the left side of their face and had a knife plunged into their right eye.  More disturbing, each had 30 puncture marks on their bodies from which they were exsanguinated.  The medical examiner upon opening them up for autopsy found that all of their blood had been removed.  The puncture marks could have come from a large syringe or from an embalming machine.  However, both had very much been alive when they were beaten up and had the knife plunged into their eye.  Theories ranged from Satanic cults to Palo Mayombe to deranged serial killer.  No other bodies like this have ever been found and the murders are still unsolved.
  • Yuri Geller became famous as the first cosmonaut to orbit the Earth, but did he deserve it?  Before Geller’s famous trip into space, Italian radio operators picked up communications in Russian that seemed to be taking place between two unnamed cosmonauts and some sort of mission control center.  However, over the space of a couple of weeks, the Soviets stopped talking to the cosmonauts and the last transmission intercepted by the Italians were of the men screaming and crying.  In recent years, Czech sources have also alluded to the idea that there was a space mission that preceded Yuri Geller and that the mission was covered up when something went wrong.
  • In the early 1980s, a woman noticed a strange smell in her car.  She took it to a mechanic’s shop to figure out what was wrong with it and when they opened they hood, they found a human head.  The eyes, tongue, and ears had been removed and the skin had suffered burns from being in the engine compartment.  After thoroughly investigating, they ruled out the possibility that the woman had placed the head there.  The missing facial parts (eyes, ears, and tongue) were never found and neither was the body.  The head was never identified.  However, in a strange twist, the death was ruled to be of natural causes when the medical examiner found a brain aneurysm.  So why dispose of the body in such a strange way?
  • HAM radio operators all over the northern part of the US and southern Canada went into a panic in the early 1990s.  Two USAF fighter jets on maneuvers were chattering on their coms and the radio operators could hear it.  However, about a minute into the transmission, some sort of electronic interference began.  The listeners reported high pitched beeps, unusual clicking noises, something that was like static, but wasn’t static.  The interference lasted for over 20 minutes.  When it ended, they could clearly hear the jet fighters again.  All of them agreed that they had never heard anything like it before or since.
  • Earth booms are a rather common occurrence, but they have never been explained.  They are reported all over the world.  The sound is loud enough to break windows, rattle houses, and set off car alarms when they happen.  However, there’s another side of earth booms; hospitals report an increase in people rushing to the ER with migraines, nausea, vomiting, and symptoms that are less easy to explain.  Some people come in reporting uncontrollable shaking, nerve tingling and numbness of extremities, and increased mental cognition problems.  In India during the 1990s an Earth Boom was reported to have caused amnesia in several people living within a small village near where scientists believed the boom had happened.  So, the booms are unexplained and the side effects are unexplained.
  • We’ll move back to death.  In 1947 in Germany, a woman was found dead, hanging from a window on the fifth floor of a hotel, by her feet.  She’d died an agonizing death as the lack of blood flow due to gravity caused blood vessels in her head to rupture.  However, what was odd was that the hotel had remodeled after WWII, ensuring the windows didn’t open due to a rash of suicides, suspected suicides, and murders that had happened during the 1930s at the hotel.  So, how had someone opened a window that didn’t actually open, stick a rope and a body out the window, then close it?  Also, why hadn’t someone below noticed the woman hanging from the window?  Why hadn’t she screamed for help?
  • Finally, in 1963 a young girl was kidnapped from her home on the east coast.  Several years later, while working for the school district she ran into a teacher that she thought she knew from when she was a child.  The two talked for a long time, trying to figure out how they knew each other, without coming up with any common locations where they had lived.  However, they became good friends.  After a while, the woman was shown a photo of the other woman and her parents.  At that moment, she remembered the parents!  DNA tests in the 1990s proved they were sisters.

Now to figure out what to post tomorrow!

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  1. Some very strange goings on indeed!

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