Strange (and sometimes horrific) Ways to Die

As a child, I actually watched the news.  I remember very vividly one newscast in which a Buddhist monk, protesting some government, set himself on fire.  He literally burned to death.  Even today, I question if that’s the best form of protest.  However, it did get news coverage.  Here are some other strange ways to die that probably got news coverage:

  • Belarus, 2013, a fisherman was killed by a beaver.  The man was attempting to grab hold of it so he could take a picture with the cuddly creature when the beaver decided he wanted nothing to do with photography.  He bit the man’s leg, severing the femoral artery.
  • In 2008 another act of protest led to the death of a British man in Hampshire.  Protesting the demolishing of flats that he had been living in for some time, the man cut off his own head with a chainsaw.
  • Cockroaches might not be the best food items for an eating contest.  In 2012, a man in Florida won a cockroach eating contest but died shortly after.  Cause of death was asphyxiation due to a congestion of anthropod body parts in the air way.
  • Cacti got their revenge in 1982.  A man took a shotgun to a large Saguaro cactus (these are the ones with arms that we all think about when someone says cactus).  After shooting the cactus several times, he stopped to reload during which time one of the limbs of the Saguaro broke off and crushed him.
  • Vitamins can kill you too, both in not taking them and in a weird incident, taking them.  During the early 1970s a health food advocate in England decided to prove the merits of carrot juice by drinking a gallon of it a day for ten days.  Unfortunately for him, carrot juice is very high in vitamin A, too much of which causes liver failure.  Ten gallons in ten days was too much.
  • Actually, the 1970s was a decade for strange deaths.  In 1979, a worker in a Ford motor car plant was hit by a robotic arm and killed, making him officially the first person ever killed by a robot.  In 1972, a man picked up an armadillo by the tail.  The armadillo finding itself in a precarious situation lashed out and managed to slice the jugular vein of his would be captor, resulting in the man bleeding to death.  In 1978, a woman working at a gentleman’s club accidentally killed a customer when she kicked off a high heel shoe that embedded itself in the man’s eye socket and pierced his brain.  The same year, a weight lifter attempting to deadlift more than he could handle passed out and fell into a rack of weights.  One of the weights fell off the rack and crushed his skull.  In 1975, a woman was killed when she ignored the warning signs at an ostrich farm.  However, she wasn’t kicked to death as expected, instead two ostriches began pecking at her and the force of their pecking caused compound skull fractures that resulted in her death.
  • However, the strangest death award may go to French fur trappers during the 17th and 18th century (and may be an urban legend).  Dozens of French fur trappers were dying in the new world while they hunted for pelts.  Rabbit pelts were particularly in fashion and easy to catch, meaning they had a good profit margin.  After the alarming reports began to reach France and other places, it was finally decided that the men were starving to death, despite feasting quite heartily on rabbit.  It turned out that rabbit, by itself, has almost no nutritional value.  Had they added a few ears of corn or green beans or a potato, they would have lived.  Since they were eating well, they didn’t consider adding anything to it and therefore, died.  Trappers in the late 17th century and into the 18th century were given instructions that while they could dine on rabbit as much as they liked, they must add some kind of vegetable, bread, or other meat to the meal.  *It is plausible that they died from eating rabbit… who would have thought it possible!  Rabbit Starvation  Yes, I did go look up whether it was possible to die from eating only rabbit after I finished this paragraph.  I’ve learned about it in history classes, but never knew if it was a legend or true.

On to tomorrow (and don’t forget to add veggies to your rabbit dish)!

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