A Killer Break

We’ll return to serial killers, weird murders (and murderers), and other Halloween related stuff tomorrow.  Today, I’m giving you a break and telling you a little bit more about myself.  Mainly because I can and I feel like people don’t always see me as human despite the fact that I am.

  • I love pistachio pudding and pistachio ice cream, but I do not like pistachio nuts by themselves.
  • I hate potlucks unless I get to bring a main dish because I am allergic to shellfish, pork, beef, and dairy.  One would think this would make me a vegan.  I’m not.  My dairy and beef allergies are both mild, so I eat them, but I monitor the amounts.  I don’t eat much pork because I’m allergic and it can trigger migraines (if I eat too much of it… I don’t know exactly how much is too much though).
  • Because of the above mentioned allergies and migraines, I usually make one dinner for my SO & mother and another for me.
  • I am 35 and still live with my mother.  This seems weird to others, but it’s actually pretty common in my family.  Several of my cousins who do not have children live with their parents.  This communal living makes the cost of living cheaper for everyone (we each pay 1/3 of all the household bills).  However, once they start having kids, they move out.  Since I’m not having children, my poor mother is probably stuck with me and my SO for the rest of her life (Love you mom!).  Plus, my mother has spells of debilitating vertigo, so having me around helps her because I can get her meds, fetch buckets, as well as fix meals and drinks for her while she lays in bed trying not to the let planet slide out from under her.  On the flip side, she understands my migraines and can help me when I have a really bad one.
  • I’m addicted to chapstick.  This is a side effect of Sjogren’s Syndrome, but I’ve exacerbated the addiction by giving in and using it.
  • I have been banned by my family from using WebMD symptom checker.  I have had a phantom pain in my right side for the last decade or so.  It isn’t severe and it comes and goes.  It can’t be pressed upon and made worse.  It is not my appendix or gallbladder.  I’ve had a handful of scopes at both ends to see if they could find anything and the answer was “no.”  There is absolutely no reason for this pain to exist.  However, WebMD Symptom Checker is convinced that either my kidney is failing or my gallbladder needs to be removed. (Tests of these organs says otherwise)
  • I have low impulse control.  I try really hard to contain this, but sometimes… I fail miserably.  And I will buy shit off TV and out of catalogues that I’m pretty sure I don’t need.
  • I refuse to believe my doctor when he tells me that quitting smoking will help my migraines.  I had them before I started smoking.  They’ve gotten worse over the years, but since I have several types, that really isn’t a surprise (they predicted that at my first neurology appointment, before I started smoking).
  • I live on a steady diet of horror movies, horror novels, and I have no problem going and checking out the strange noise in the middle of the night, outside, in just my pajamas, even if there is an axe murderer on the loose.  However, you put me in a haunted attraction and I’m going to jump and scream like a little girl.
  • I’m terrified of mice, yet rats don’t bother me nearly as much.  No, that doesn’t make sense, but there you have it.  Mice will also make me jump and scream like a little girl.
  • I am terribly clumsy.  Several times during my childhood, I was asked by teachers and ER personnel if I was being abused because I always had a cast, splint, or ACE wrap around something.  I did not grow out of it.  They’ve tested my depth perception, peripheral vision, and my hand/eye coordination to explain why I will turn to go through a door and walk into the doorframe.
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday.  Who doesn’t love playing dress up?!?

Yep, I’m very human.

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  1. Maria D.

     /  October 7, 2015

    Lol…you crack me up! I don’t like reading the side effects of medicine to my mom because she will claim all of the side effects are affecting her…lol..I also avoid WebMD. They tested my gallbladder several times – i was vomiting every time I ate for a while – it was bad and they knew it wasn’t my Kidney because they had come back fine so they ran some kind of new special test in a machine where they hooked me up and gave me liquids for a while and then checked the gallbladder and sure enough …it was bad so they had to take it out…I can try to find out what kind of test it was if you want to know…just tell me

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve had something like that. Gallbladder is still good. However, appropriately, Autocorrect decided to remind people I was human today too. Go read Facebook.



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