Avoiding the Blog

I have been avoiding this place for several days now.  Not because I have nothing to say, quite the opposite in fact, too much to say.  I’ve wrung my hands to avoid posting about Kim Davis out of Kentucky and how she should be fired.  What if all our civil servants acted like that?  How would you feel if a paramedic refused to assist you after a car accident because he/she was a member of the Church of the Latter Day Saints and you had a soda in the cup holder?  Or how about a real horror story:  My grandmother had a massive stroke on New Year’s Eve in 1997.  She ended up in a vegetative state.  Her living will clearly stated that she did not want to be resuscitated, but it was against the paramedic’s belief system to not resuscitate her… so she did.  My grandmother lay brain dead in a hospital bed for 23 days, before essentially starving to death.  The paramedic lost her job, however, that didn’t stop my family from having to endure 23 days of watching my grandmother whither away.  Her belief system caused my family pain, how is that acceptable?

I have been avoiding talking about the spate of shootings in recent weeks, not just in my hometown, but everywhere.  We want to scream about terrorism, but we ignore the problems at home.  Radical Muslim Extremists are not wandering the streets of my home town participating in shootings.  Gun control isn’t going to stop criminals from having guns.  We need to work at the heart of the matter; the US has more sociopaths than any other country and it is a recent turn of events.  The number one leading cause of this behavior?  Americans are less likely than any other nation to hug their children.  So, while we don’t discipline them well, we aren’t hugging them either.  Strange that a few extra hugs can stop a child from becoming a sociopath.  And showing a child affection, real affection, keeps them from becoming sociopaths.  But in this day and age, good grief!  Heaven forbid a father hug his daughter in public, he’s likely to be turned in as a pedophile (and yeah, that does happen).  It is probably worse for him to hug his son in public.  Studies have shown that even single parent households where the parent is attentive and loving, keeps children from becoming sociopaths and psychopaths.  The 1980’s may not have been great, but at least those children could be hugged and disciplined without someone turning the parent in for bad parenting.  Then there’s the otherside: helicopter parenting.  This is just as bad as not hugging your child.  Studies show children of helicopter parents have very little understanding of consequences, because they never get to experience the world for themselves to see cause and effect in action.  Mommy & Daddy are always there to shield them, pick them up, go out of their way to make sure nothing bad happens to them, and the child suffers as a result.

So, yeah… I’ve been pretty ticked off lately and avoiding the blog as a result.

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  1. Don’t avoid the blog – it’s cathartic to let out your frustration with society and I could not agree more about the hugging and parenting issues – I come from a close nit family and while I myself am not the most comfortable of huggers – because I’ve picked up too much of societies cues – I force myself to hug my family and occasionally even a stranger – we need to show our children that affection is real and that it’s okay to have emotions as long as we handle them correctly – we also need to teach them to respect themselves and others – what happened with your grandmother is horrible – I could not imagine that.

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  2. Note: I do not mean for it to appear that I am in any way picking on the Church of the Latter Day Saints. I could just have easily used Jewish and a pork chop. However, I spent time this weekend with a friend who was raised in the LSD and so it was on the forefront of my mind.



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