July Kindle Edition Normalized Pages Read

I took the time this week to look at my July KDP report at more than just a passing glance.  As I studied it, I noticed there were totals for my pages read using the Kindle Edition Normalized Pages Read.  For those that haven’t been following the new KDP Select changes, authors with books enrolled in KDP Select are getting paid for pages read, not copies of their books *borrowed*.

I have a few “compilation books” in KDP Select.  You can read Tortured/Elysium together, Mercurial/Explosive together, Cannibal/Butchered together & the first four novellas in the Dysfunctional Chronicles.  Now, I don’t get a lot of pages read, most people just buy the books.  But for the sake of this post, I’m going to give you my figures for July.

3,479 pages read total on Amazon.com.

$20.10 made from total pages read on Amazon.com

$0.005779 is the price of each page read.

So, I made 1/6th of a cent for each page read on Amazon.com last month.

Now, my Tortured/Elysium combo book is 1,007 pages long and costs $0.99.  At 1/6th of a cent per page, I made $5.82 per completed book.  So, I made $5.47 more for the pages read than than the purchased book.

However, Mercurial/Explosive is 808 pages and $6.99 if you buy the combo ($7.98 if you buy them individually).  At 1/6th a cent per page, I made $4.67 per completed book.  This is $0.22 less than I make if I actually sell the book.

This month I have had 39,597 pages read.  At the going rate of $0.005779 per page, I’ll make $228.83. Now, 21,822 comes from books where I make $4.89 per sale.  21,822 pages is approximately 30 books.  30 books at $4.89 is $147.  However, pages read is only $125.

I’ve had 15,262 pages read of my $0.99 combo.  I make $0.35 per sale.  15,262 pages is approximately 15 books for this combo set.  Which means I would make $5.25 for sales, but I’m making $88.20 for the pages read.

The last is the 4 novella set.  I make $2.45 for each sale of this set.  This month, there have been 2,531 pages read of The Dysfunctional Chronicles which is roughly 4 books.  4 books at $2.45 is $9.74, but pages read is $14.63.

Now, I have a friend who offers all his books on KDP Select.  They are priced at $3.99 a book, he makes $2.74 off each sale.  The print book is 473 pages long, but the normalized pages is only 298.  So for each complete book he has read through KDP Select, he makes $1.72.  Meaning he is losing a full dollar each time his book is borrowed through Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

My conclusion, KDP Select favors cheaply priced books or best selling authors… I have not had enough pages read to qualify for any of their “bounties” on any of my books.

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  1. Maria D.

     /  August 29, 2015

    I still think that KDP Select is not a good way to go for any author – just saying



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