Reasons not to watch TV

I have consumed an unconscionable amount of television this week.  Not my “stand-bys” without commercials, but the stuff on my DVR.  I get that I can fast forward through commercials, but I don’t always remember… actually, I rarely remember.  I’ve tried doing stuff like reading, but I can’t stay interested due to the drugs.  I’m not a good narcotic user.

Anyway, back to the television.  As I watch episode after episode of whatever, I find myself also watching commercials. There is a lot of shit out there that I don’t need, but my brain seems to think owning them is a good idea.

For instance, I have now seen a commercial for a WiFi enabled doorbell that lets you answer the door from your smartphone.  I do not need this.  It’s rare for someone not to be home at my house.  However, the more I see the commercial, the more convinced I become that I need this doorbell.  I have no idea why.  I work from home.  I don’t own a car, which means if I have left the house, someone else is probably stuck at home, waiting for me to return their car.  Yet, for the rock bottom price of $??.99, it seems like a steal (I can’t remember the price).  My brain is imagining scenarios in which it might come in handy, but the truth is… It won’t.

I’ve begun to wonder if I need to start getting new quotes on my car insurance (yep, that’s complicated as hell and a story for another day).  I have a great rate and my insurance company doesn’t care who I add to my policy as long as they either live at my house or I co-own their car (which is why I have car insurance… I theoretically own half of my mother’s car and it was cheaper for me to get it in my name than hers).  In reality, I did get quotes on insurance at the beginning of the year and my provider was the lowest.  So, 8 months later, I’m doubting things have changed enough to make shopping for car insurance worth the effort.  I’m still considering it though.

I spent ten minutes talking myself out of buying an Amopee or whatever it’s called.  I don’t know why I would need one.  I don’t ever go barefoot.  I never wear sandals or flip-flops.  Hell, it’s hard to get me out of my socks.  I even sleep in them most nights.  Why do I need to shave the dead skin from my feet?  I don’t even have tough, dry, snaggable skin on my feet.  There is no way it should have been an “I want” item, let alone an “I need” item, which was how my brain interpreted it.  I’m not going to start wearing sandals or flip-flops just because I’ve shaved the bottom of my feet.  I’m not going to start walking around barefoot.  They aren’t going to “feel” better, because I don’t touch my feet let alone let other people touch my feet.

The real kicker though was when I saw the fake security cameras and started thinking about where I could place them.  I don’t believe security cameras deter that much crime.  I think it makes people pull their shirts up over their faces.  Then there’s the issue of there is always someone home at my house.  Anyone breaking into my house is in for a surprise, just because there isn’t a car in the driveway, doesn’t mean the house is empty.  Plus, if I did buy them and someone committed a crime on my property,I would have to explain that the cameras were for show.  I think that would be embarrassing.

These are just a few observations I’ve made lately on why I should watch TV.  You may now return to your George Foreman infomercial.

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  1. Maria D.

     /  August 22, 2015

    Lol…for me it’s always the “No-No” commercials or the ones for exercise equipment – why should I buy a bowflex when I’m not using the treadmill – why would I buy a NoNo to get rid of hair when there have been plenty of reviews on it not working and the company being difficult to work with…..yet every time the commercials come on…I want to pick up the phone and call for one…oh and don’t even get me started if I accidentally land on either QVC or HSN…no will power at all



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