Beta Readers Needed – Sort Of…

As most of you are aware, I’m on a publishing break.  I am currently working on The Death Demon Trilogy, The Reality Side of the Dreams & Reality books, and The Dysfunctional Chronicles (including rewriting The Dysfunctional Affair*).

Over the next few months, as these books get finished, I will be looking for some new beta readers (current beta readers need not panic, as I will still be using you for Aislinn Cain novels).

I’d like to get (at least) 10 for The Death Demon Trilogy.  I’d like 5 for The Dysfunctional Chronicles.  And at the moment, I’m unsure about the Reality side of things.  We’ll cross that when we get there.  From the pool of beta readers, I will also be taking volunteers for any stand alone novels that I write or for any short story books that I put together.

Now, before you all start raising your hands, let’s talk about some guidelines.

1.  I expect feedback from every beta reader.  Even if you just say “hey, got the book. loved it, have no changes to recommend.”  or “Hey, got the book, but couldn’t get to it because of X, will make arrangements for the next one.”  At the moment, I have 15 beta readers for the Dreams books, meaning it is full.

2.  Beta readers should have comments to me within 14 days.  There’s some wiggle room here, I’m not going to chop off your hands if it takes you 17 days, but I’m on a deadline.  If you are really late, your suggestions will not be incorporated into the final version.

3.  Honesty matters, if something confuses you, I need to know that.  You aren’t going to hurt my feelings by telling me an entire paragraph sucks.  You won’t get de-beta’ed because you found chapter 12 really confusing and have no idea what it was about.  I ask for beta readers because sometimes, even I can’t figure out what I’m talking about.

4.  On the flip side, while I read every suggested change, I don’t make every suggested change.  I have a style and sometimes, I’m going to write stuff you hate, but I love.  If it bothers you that I don’t take make every suggested change, don’t volunteer.

5.  If you are beta reading a series and go several books without offering anything (or even acknowledging that you got a copy), I’m eventually going to take you off the beta reader list for that series.  So far, this hasn’t been a problem, but I’m going to nip it in the bud before it starts.

6.  Everything you read is confidential.  You cannot release the draft or discuss the book with anyone other than me or other beta readers until it releases.

7.  Betas are encouraged to leave honest reviews after the book is released.

8. Enjoy the book!  While beta reading is work, it should also be enjoyable.  So, enjoy getting the pre-release version and knowing what happens at the end before everyone else (but don’t spoil it).  Compare the pre-release and finalized versions to see the differences.  🙂

Now, what you get:

1.  You get to give me input on the book.  And see some of your suggestions inside!

2.  You get free copies of both the pre-release and finalized versions.  The finalized versions will be “gifted” to you using whatever ereader service you prefer on the day the book releases.

3.  I keep forgetting (I have zero memory), but I put together swag packs once in a while just for beta readers.

4.  You get to deal with me directly.  This is a blessing and a curse, and have my sympathy.

How to contact me to become a beta:

Facebook messenger (I really like this for initial contact)

Twitter Messenger (another great source)

Blog comments (make sure you have “track feed” turned on to see my reply)

I suck at using LinkedIn and Google+, so I don’t recommend those.

I’m not a fan of disseminating my email address in public places (I get a ton of spam now, but all beta readers will get it for communication purposes.  I will also require your email address so that I can send you the beta copy).

*If you want to beta reader the Dysfunctional Chronicles, you will need to reread The Dysfunctional Affair AFTER I finish the rewrites and get it edited.  It has undergone some major changes.  For those that have already purchased the book, but do not want to be beta readers, we will talk about getting you free copies to read the new stuff.

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  1. I would love to be a Beta reader, but sadly do not have Twitter or Facebook. I am happy to read whatever you send me, as your books are awesome! I’ve read your requirements and am sure I can meet them without issue. Thank you for considering me!



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