Jamberry Nail Wraps & Alcohol: A Life Lesson

Once a month, a small group of girls and I get together and hang out on a Friday night.  It’s Girls’ Night and it is quickly becoming sacred.  I spend this time with female dart players (two of which are nieces that play darts), because we don’t really have time to chatter at each other at darts.  We talk, but we don’t have time to get in-depth about our lives… So, there’s Girls’ Night.

Girls’ Night has two staples: food and booze.  Sometimes we just hang out and chatter (it’s really hard to call what we do “chatting”), others we play games (bring on Cards Against Humanity and more words that I absolutely do not need to know the definition for, but will learn), but this last week, we did our nails.

This story actually begins in May.  A friend of mine had a Jamberry Nails Facebook party.  I won the grand prize; a Facebook party of my own and a small heater for the wraps.  I also bought a set of wraps and fell in love with them!  I was excited about the Facebook party.  We held my Facebook party at the end of June and it went really well.  Three in our group bought wraps (not counting myself).

We scheduled a mini-Girls’ Night, the four of us, plus one other from the group who just wanted to hang out.  We got pizza, like usual.  Everyone brought alcoholic beverages to meet their tastes, like usual.  And we sat around for a couple of hours, drinking and eating pizza… before we decided to do our nails.

I heard this phrase a lot “Get over here, I need help!”  One of me, three of them, and I was the only one who had ever done it… plus, we had all been drinking… heavily.  Needless to say, it didn’t go well.  Two of the girls had lost the wraps from their nails by the following evening (for different reasons, but probably associated with alcohol), mine look like a drunk put them on (some are on the wrong fingers even), one looks decent, which sort of amazes me (but she did admit she woke up on Saturday and had to do some more trimming on them).

So, I can play games (including Trivial Pursuit), chatter, not appear drunk, and even write books while intoxicated, but I can’t do things that require hand/eye coordination (typing doesn’t count since it is basically muscle memory for me at this point).  Also, when getting together and having a “plan,” we should make sure that the “plan” gets done before the drinking gets heavy.

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  1. Maria D.

     /  July 24, 2015

    Lol…yes…things need to get done before the drinking commences! Sounds like you have a very fun girls night though and that’s a great thing to have as a weekly tradition – I miss my Bunco group but we all have gotten so busy and some of the girls have moved out of town so it’s hard for us to get together – other than on Facebook….


  2. T.V.

     /  July 24, 2015

    I actually learned something !!! I read the post and thought WTF…. and looked up Jamberry nail wraps.. I was thinking something along the lines of fruit roll ups…. learn something new everyday hahah

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    • Manicures were my reward for quitting nail biting, but I couldn’t keep the manicure looking good for more than 24 hours… Then I got introduced to Jamberry. I can do them myself, at home, for 1/4 the price of a manicure. They look great and last about 11 days on me. So, I’m officially an addict and wanted to addict others (because that’s what addicts do)… but they were all too drunk! 🙂



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