It Has Begun

Because I mentioned I was curious to see how KDP Select authors were going to respond to the new royalty divisions, I have gotten some emails about it.  And the month isn’t even over yet.

I’ll start by giving brief explanation:

KDP Select books are borrowable through Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited.  Every month, Amazon sets aside a chunk of money (I believe it was 11 million in June) to pay for these “borrows.”  As of 1 July, we are no longer getting paid just because someone has borrowed our books through one of the above mentioned programs.  We get paid by how many pages get read of said books.  The big change is that instead of receiving a flat rate every time someone borrows a book, the author receives a pro-rated royalty based on how many pages the reader read of the borrowed book.

For authors like me, this isn’t a big deal.  I have 3 books enrolled in KDP Select and I have a low borrow rate on those three books.  People tend to just buy them.  Also, I’m used to this payment arrangement as Oyster and Scribd do the same thing and I have all my books available on these sites (my 3 KDP Select books are multiple book sets).  This means that I have received a whooping $0.25 before because someone only read a small portion of the book.

I consider it an equalizer.  Good books get read completely.  Bad books get put down quickly.  It seems fair to reward the good books with a bigger portion of the Select Fund each month.

Here’s how it has gone for me: My Dysfunctional Chronicles compilation book has been read once, all 627 pages.  My Tortured Dreams/Elysium Dreams set has been read once, so far, they have read 300 pages of roughly 700.  Since they have gotten that far, I imagine they will finish it.*  I have no worries that I will be paid approximately $2.50 for each of these reads.

However, what authors are telling me is that they are unhappy because their book X has only had 400 pages read, despite previous months when they were paid for 100 loans.  To me, this says people are starting the book and not finishing it.  If you had 100 loans last month and this month those loans have translated to 400 pages, I’m guessing those loans from last month were not complete reads either.

We will have to wait until royalty reports become available at the end of September to know exactly how much we are making per page read… But I’m anxious to find out.

Note: I believe this to be two people because all 627 pages of the Dysfunctional Chronicles was read in three days and the 300 pages of the Tortured/Elysium set started Sunday with approximately 150 pages read and then another 150 read yesterday.

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  1. Maria D.

     /  July 22, 2015

    Will be interesting to see what happens – I suspect a lot of authors will be unhappy!


  2. T.V.

     /  July 23, 2015

    How in the heck do they know what has been read?? I have been reading my {well not shrinking much but} my A$$ off.. and yea I have been a bad girl and not reviewed them as I should but I read a book a day at least.. and that doesn’t count the Publishers clearing house entries not holding my breath thankfully or any of the other dozen or so things I do daily.. I buy books, I do the kindle unlimited and yea I get freebies.. I keep about 30 pages of books to be read in my kindle and get hives when it gets to 20 something because I am always afraid I’ll have to rush out of town without my wi-fi laptop and will read sitting in some hospital or nursing home waiting with family.. and since I ran dry once I have a phobia about doing it again.. So back to the question How can they possibly pay you based on what is read they don’t know….and if I use their unlimited program which I pay for they should pay you too out of that.. I don’t ‘Loan’ my books hard back, paperback or digital.. and I know I bought everything you have put out…;o} and got the free set of your first two you autographed for me.. I love to write for family and my own entertainment but all the horror stories are why I do not want to publish anything..I’m afraid I’ll end up paying for it somehow.. Call me neurotic I know.. still I think you deserve to be paid for your work, and your promo stuff it doesn’t make sense to go thru all that for a quarter a copy..especially considering how much Amazon and everyone else makes on digital material.. What am I missing here??? Have the writers of the sci-fi book I was reading until 430 am just to finish in the same 24 hr I started it getting the shaft because it was a good book?? I was getting so much sass about my honest opinions I stopped doing a lot of reviews but I NEVER EVER reviewed a book I didn’t finish.. and I blasted those that did.. you can’t put a book down after a chapter or two and call it bad if you didn’t read the whole thing.. and authors that try to shame a review because they didn’t like it sorry if someone thinks you wrote crap and read it and can support their opinion they can’t say the reviewer is bad, or dumb..{{Good Lord I’m becoming a blogger on someone else’s post Sorry…}} I just want you to be paid and get what you deserve for your writing, while it may not fit everyone’s taste I like it just fine and am willing to pay for it….


    • Since it’s “borrowed” they can track how many pages you read, just like Scribd and Oyster does. The digital world is all about tracking.


    • And I’m not getting shafted. I can see how many pages were read. Just like any author can. The nice thing about Amazon is they are giving pages read and not percent of book read, which is what I get from Oyster and Scribd.



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