Weight Watchers Update

I’m still losing weight.  Not in leaps and bounds, don’t get me wrong, but a couple of pounds a week.  I’ve started noticing some things though.

1.  I eat smaller portions, automatically.  – When I first started, I was willing to admit that I drank (drink) a lot of soda.  However, it wasn’t until we were on vacation that I realized how big my portions had once been.  I noticed it at a restaurant.  It served Mexican and American food.  I opted for a cheeseburger and Spanish rice.  I ate about half the burger (which is normal for me at a restaurant, where the burgers are just too big for me to eat a whole one), but I struggled to eat all the rice and in the end, I didn’t manage.  That’s odd.  I love rice, a lot.  I will leave a lot of things on my plate at the end of a meal, but rice isn’t one of them.  Yet, my stomach told me that if I shoved one more bite down my throat, I’d end up like Mr. Creosote.

2.  It reminds me to exercise. – While on vacation, I missed getting the exercise (and activity points).  We played ladderball a few times, but never for very long.  We played miniature golf one day, that day I felt the best, but it was accompanied with going to museums and parks.  That was the only day I managed to get over 15,000 steps.  I was walking most of the time to and from my camper, but it wasn’t the same and I could tell.

3. Activity Points really help. – I get that I need exercise and that I don’t get nearly enough of it.  But I didn’t realize how much of an impact those activity points make in a week.  The app is set to take activity points before party points (Weekly Plus Points) and since I wasn’t getting many activity points, I was really cutting into those party points.  So much so, that I was actually starting to worry that I would go over the allotted daily/weekly points values.  When I got home Sunday, I had gained a few pounds.  I started back into my routine of housework, darts, and exercise.  Today, when I did weigh-in, I had lost those pounds, plus one more.  My points reset today and I’ve already earned 4 activity points.  Those are points I can use tonight at darts (where I will earn some more) or on Friday, when the girls come over to do manicure night.

4. I still hate water. – It doesn’t matter how much fruit I put in it, I still hate it.  Forcing myself to down two bottles a day is a form of torture.  I am drinking less soda and I am considering changing from being a Coke drinker to a Pepsi drinker, because Pepsi is worth one less point per can, but at least I am changing some of my habits.

5.  I still hate water. – Unfortunately, I also hate coffee and tea.  If I didn’t hate black coffee and plain, unsweetened tea, the drinking situation would be a little easier. Finding an alternative for soda or water, isn’t going well.  Stevia makes me feel hungry.  I’m allergic to all artificial sweeteners; some give me migraines and others make me feel high.  And I still really hate water, a lot, so there’s still some issues in that department.  Even things like V8 are worth a lot of points (as is sweet tea and coffee if you add sugar or creamer or sugar and creamer).  Also, despite everyone’s claims that drinking water will make me feel less thirsty, it doesn’t.  One day, I was outside doing stuff and managed to drink 6 – 20oz bottles of water.  I was still thirsty and my incredibly frequent trips to the restroom proved that dehydration was the cause of my thirst.  Oddly, water also makes me thirstier, the more I drink of it, the drier my mouth seems to get.

6.  I forgot my “rewards.” – Losing weight in and of itself is a reward, but I know most people give themselves small indulgences when they hit milestones.  When my cousin was doing Weight Watchers, she not only kept a paperclip chain, adding one to the chain for every pound she lost, but every time she lost 5 pounds, she gave herself a treat…non-food related.  I haven’t done either.  I should, but I’m not sure what that reward would be.

Ok, back to writing books.

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