Profit v. Art

A few months ago, I had a writer flog me for writing for profit.  As she put it, we are artists, we write to create.  I didn’t argue back, because in many ways, I agree.  I would write regardless of whether I turned a profit or not.  I know, I did it for years.

But I publish for profit.  And frankly, so does she.

What people tend to forget, is that we mere, humble (haha!), servants of the muse will create art, in whatever form, regardless of whether we are getting paid for it or not… Need proof, look at the phrase “starving artist.”  All of us, regardless of whether we write books or create watercolors on canvas or play the guitar are hoping for one thing: To Live Off Of It!  Because this passion runs so deep, that we are going to do it regardless, so it is very nice when we can quit our 9-5 job and live off our passion.

I began publishing in 2012.  I began writing in 1988.  It wasn’t until 2013 that I thought, wow, I might be able to make money off of this.  But, by then I was publishing books.  So, yes, I do write because I love it.  I do not love publishing.  There’s a rush to it, to be sure, but it’s also far more work than most people want to admit to… There’s covers and editing and formatting and rewrites and more rewrites and gutting your masterpiece so that you can do more rewrites (just wait until after Belladonna Dreams publishes, we’ll talk more about gutting the masterpiece) and advertising and social media platforms and it makes my head spin after a while.  Writing is passion, publishing is all about business and like any business, you want to turn a profit.

Which might be contributing a little bit to my current state of being.  I publish a lot, 4 times a year, plus novellas when I can get one cranked at.  At this pace, by the time I am 65, I will have published 130+ novels.  Just novels, that doesn’t include my novellas.  I will not stop at 65 though, unless I have something physically wrong with me that inhibits my ability to write.  And I went off topic.

So, I have been publishing Dreams novels for a while now and nothing but Dreams novels.  Each time I get close to finishing one, I start to lag.  I used to love the endings, the closer I got to it, the faster I wrote.  Not so much at the moment, but my last four novels have been Dreams novels.  I think I need a break from being in Aislinn Cain’s head.  I think I’m burning out on her, just a little.  Which is why I made the decision to not publish again this year after the release of Belladonna Dreams… I have started trying to write for profit.  It’s my best selling series.  It’s hard to convince myself to spend time working on other things when I know these books make money.

Once you start writing for profit, it’s a problem.  After all, writing is about art, not money.  Publishing is about money, not art.  The two should not overlap.  But they did and now, with 3 days to go on my writing deadline, I need words, words that aren’t coming.

Now, to go finish a work of art…

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  1. Teresa Vogt

     /  June 29, 2015

    Well, you said it, you publish.. And laying out the pitfalls and stressors you hit the nail on the head why some of us never take that step. I write to entertain my aunt, to express a sadness or remember a joy, but never to place myself in the way of critics who may find my achilles heel and insecurities and be able to smash my illusions. As one of your fans I admire the heck out of you for your courage and tenacity. I get a small kick out of some of your phobias which you blog about. So as long as you can pat yourself on the back and understand you do something many of us dream about and never accomplish. I like most want you to have a life without the dramas, yet you let us see the non perfect side of you and that too deserves a applause from time to time. Just remember we read your works because we like them,for most of us they don’t have to be 100% perfect. You’ll run into the occasional anal want to be writer that will call you out over every spelling or grammar misstep but a true reader will just skip over a small one without even thinking about it. Anything that can help pay the bills go for one in this day and age will fault you for that. Keep your chin up, your gaze focused and throw to the center, we’ll decide if it’s in the bulls-eye or you missed the board. The last perfect person was crucified, so be thankful we aren’t looking for perfection, we just want you to be you, and THANK YOU for allowing us to live vicariously thru your talent. A fan that tries not to slip into the realm of Mom or stalker and stay just a fan…{whip cracking} now get back to work ! ;o}

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  2. Maria D.

     /  June 29, 2015

    Yes…you need a break from Aislinn so that you don’t get burned out on her stories…I want her to go on and on for years….lol

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