Confederate Flag Sales

Let’s get a little controversial.  Disclaimer: Skip this if you are easily offended.

Yesterday, Amazon joined the growing list of retailers who are no longer selling the Confederate Flag.  I think it’s a step in the right direction.  Keep reading if you aren’t narrow mindedly already accusing me of being a bleeding heart liberal.

There was a time in a place for the Confederate Flag, mostly during the 1800’s, when a war was raging.  I’ve heard the arguments about it being a piece of history, but most history belongs in museums, not on license plate holders or hung in the back of truck windows.  I’ve had people tell me “It’s a Southern thing, I can’t understand.”  And their right, I don’t understand why someone still wants to fly a flag that not only represents treason committed by the southern states but oppression.  Everyone, including Southerners, would be really fucking offended if someone were to start flying a Nazi flag and they stand for pretty much the same thing.

I admit, they used to not.  The Confederate Flag was meant to be a battle rally, joining brothers-in-arms to fight the evil government of the north.  The government that didn’t understand them.  The government that was too concerned with northern affairs to really care about what happened in the south.  But that’s not the symbolism today…

Just like the swastika is a symbol of harmony and peace and thousands of years older than the Nazis, because the Nazis appropriated it for their cause, it became tarnished.  The same goes for the Confederate Flag.  It has been appropriated by White Supremacists groups, hate-mongers who use it to rally their own evil army.  And as much as us white folks don’t want to buy into it, we should be terrified of these groups, because when they finish with colored folks, they will turn on us.

Because when these groups run out of people to hate for skin color, they are going to find something else.  Something just as arbitrary and asinine and I’m certain I’ll be among those herded onto trains like cattle and sent to a death camp.

Also, if you’re an American, shouldn’t you be more concerned with the Stars & Stripes than the Stars & Bars?  That’s part of the problem in this country, everyone wants to be American but they also want to be all these other things along with it.  I’m a Southern American.  Who gives a shit?  You should just be an American.  These petty differences are what divides us, not what strengthens us.

So, yes, it is time to retire to the Confederate Flag.  It is part of our past and it should stay there, because its purpose in our present is a symbolism of hate and oppression.  Much like the Nazi Flag, if you want your children to learn about the Grey Brotherhood, take your kids to a museum, don’t hang the fucking thing outside your house.

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  1. Here, Here! That was a great post and said just what needed to be said (and yes both you and I would be herded towards the same train)


  2. Teresa Vogt

     /  June 26, 2015

    This is my opinion, Hadena I’m sorry but I just don’t agree with all your points.
    The Flag you refer to isn’t the ‘stars and bars’ it’s called the ‘The Southern Cross’ and yes it was also the Battle Flag. It means the same as any other Flag, It stands for Honor, Pride and Sacrifice for those who lost someone in that conflict it means as much as the United States Official Flag known by several names most notably ‘Old Glory’, then also known as The Stars and Stripes, The Star-Spangled Banner. The Flag isn’t racist by it’s self you have to have racism in your heart to see the flag as evil. I have seen it flown proudly by those who’s family members served, People forget that for some Families they quite literally fought on both sides. While everyone claims the war was over slaves, that is a misconception, while for some that may be a major point of the war, for others it was an act against Northern Aggression. A few states telling others how they must act. Sort of like California telling us what to do because every one knows that the only right in the mind people live in California or New York the rest of us are too ignorant to understand the ‘real’ world.. If the Southern Cross is offensive to you then don’t fly it. If you had Family that fought on both sides then maybe consider they want to honor both sides. Be tolerant of it if you can because the Flag by it’s self holds no ill will, that is only in the eyes of the person seeing it, or miss using it. Political Correctness has run amok too long, it seeks to take away or ideals and differences, it gathers those injured real or imagined, and silences anyone that doesn’t agree simply by calling them Racist, Bigoted, or Radical Right Conservatives. I don’t Own one but am ready to go buy one just because Everyone else says I can’t. I had Family that served on BOTH sides, why must I only honor the Union? Personally I think Californians and New Yorkers need to learn to be more tolerant and less offended, but then again I consider the source and know they would see me as a dumb KY hillbilly and worse yet Proud Of It !



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