The Urge To Snack

I’ve never been much of a snacker.  I’m fat, because I drink a ton, do not like exercise, and hate water (it smells like dirty pennies and it tastes like it smells).  However, some years ago, my cousin lost a person (not literally… well, kind of) using Weight Watchers… She dropped well over 200 pounds.

I got discouraged recently and decided to make the commitment too.  If she could drop over 200 pounds, surely I could drop 50 or so.  Then one of my nephews found out I was doing it and I was shocked that it didn’t end up on the local nightly news.

Tonight, a very strange thing happened; we had my favorite meal (Eye of Round Roast, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, potatoes, cornbread, and gravy).  Now, I only eat roast, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, and cornbread.  Gravy is a strange thing and I don’t like it and I am just not a huge potato eater.

So,I check the points.  Dinner is going to cost me six if I eat roast, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, and one cornbread muffin.  This is awesome, because I have exactly six points for dinner (note: French Bread pizza has a whole lot of points and should not be eaten at lunch unless you have no desire to eat other meals).  Now, I can only have one cornbread muffin, which is kind of a bummer and while I love roast, I don’t eat huge chunks of it, so the 4 oz limit wasn’t a big deal (I ate less)… It’s all about the veggies for me.  And those are zero points, because I don’t like potatoes.

I heaped my plate like always and chowed down.  With my belly very full, I put away the leftovers while patting myself on the back (not literally) for making up for my lunchtime snafu of French Bread Pizza while enjoying my favorite home-cooked meal.  My SO breaks out some angelfood cake and strawberries and Reddi-whip… suddenly, I really want what he is having for dessert, strange since I don’t normally have a sweet tooth.  I push the thought of angelfood cake and strawberries and Reddi-whip away by doing my nails (don’t ask).

Nails done, I go back to watching the Royals game (I’m a Missourian, I watch both the Royals and the Cardinals).  Now, I want the Cordial Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream in the freezer.  Instead, I pop another orange slice into my glass of water, because I hate water and it turns out if you put a little fruit in it, I hate it a little less and I really like oranges.  It’s sort of a win.  And for twenty minutes, I’m fine.  Then I remember there are Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups in the freezer and they arrived via magic (no one admits to putting them there)… Now, I light a cigarette, because I won’t eat and smoke at the same time.

Tonight (Friday), we are doing a “Girls’ Night” which means all my PlusPoints are going to be used along with my Daily Points and probably most (or all) of the activity points that I have earned this week… Girls’ Night includes Casey’s Pizza and alcoholic beverages…  And I don’t drink beer.  I check it out.  I usually eat two slices of Supreme – 24 of my 31 Daily points will be spent on dinner.  That means if I want a soda in the morning and I do (that’s 4 points), my lunch is going to have to be 3 points.  Well, I have leftover roast with veggies and I can skip the cornbread, so I’m good on that (3 points!)

But it’s past midnight here… my points have reset… there is still strawberries and angelfood cake and Reddi-Whip, there’s also Cordial Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream along with Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.  And that soda I really wanted before bed… I can have, if I skip my morning soda… Right?

It’s the first night I’ve had issues.  And honestly, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I know I will be dipping into those extra points tonight, so in my head, I might as well start early and go ahead and have that soda and the dessert I was craving earlier… Unfortunately, it’s nearly 1 a.m., so my favorite snack on the planet (popcorn – which is 1 point), is out of the question, because I can’t microwave it.  I have to stove cook my popcorn (hence it being 1 point), it just tastes better and yes, it is white popcorn because while I love all popcorn, I love white popcorn the most and it does not require butter… as long as it has salt, I’m good… But I can’t popcorn at 1 a.m., so how many points is a single peanut butter cup?!?

Oh and I got my birth control shot, which is sort of like instant death with cravings of chocolate mixed in.  That could be a contributing factor that I might have to actually talk to someone about.

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