Battered Dreams

Here is an unedited preview of Battered Dreams:

Sixteen year old Sabrina Jones begged for her life.  Tears and snot ran down her face.  Her arm hung limply at her side, already shattered from warding off the first couple of blows.  Sabrina was defenseless and she knew it, so she begged, trying to stop the attack.

Jess was merciless.  Listening to the pleading with a smile.  Egging it on, hoping to hear more reasons to spare Sabrina’s stupid, useless life.  The bat hung menacingly.

Sabrina had not been randomly picked.  Drug use and promiscuity were her only contributions to society.  Sabrina couldn’t even be bothered to find a minimum wage job to pay for her drugs.

“Please Jess, don’t do this!”  Sabrina shouted as Jess.  “I’ll change!  I can do it!  Just give me a chance!”

Jess was growing tired of the repetitive pleas.  Sabrina wasn’t very imaginative.  Her reasons for wanting to live were selfish and asinine.  Jess brought up the bat and took a two handed grip.  Sabrina screamed, raising her good arm to defend against the blow that was coming.  Jess swung.  The aluminum bat made a dull ringing noise as it hit Sabrina’s skull, right above the ear.  Blood exploded from the wound.  It sprayed the bat, the wall, and the floor.

Sabrina was knocked over from the force.  The world was moving even though she wasn’t.  The pain was consuming.  Her arm hurt and tingled.  Her head hurt, both on the outside and the inside.  Despite the pain, she tried to convince herself it was a nightmare.  One that she desperately needed to wake up from.

Jess swung the bat again, this time in a more downward motion.  It caught Sabrina’s shoulder.  There was a cracking sound and the bat recoiled.  It sent shockwaves up Jess’s arms.

Sabrina was attempting to crawl away. Jess stomped on her leg and was rewarded with a wet popping noise.  Sabrina screamed.  The sound echoed in the small chamber.  Jess’s smile widened.  The screams filled Jess’s ears with a buzzing noise.  It felt wonderful.

Jess raised the bat again.  This time, it landed on the back of Sabrina’s skull.  Blood instantly ran from the wound.  It was raised and brought down again and again and again.  The bat was coated in blood.  It splattered against the walls and floor.  It pooled near Sabrina, who no longer screamed, but made small mewling noises.

Determined to prolong the amazing feelings, Jess stopped swinging at Sabrina’s head.  The bat landed body blows instead.  A bone broke in Sabrina’s leg with a sharp crack.  A second blow hit the leg.  The bone burst through the pale flesh of Sabrina’s leg.  Jess stared at the bone in awe-struck fascination.  Jess had never seen bone jutting from the skin before.

The end of the bone wept.  A mixture of reddish blood and yellowish marrow leaked from the splintered end.  It flowed onto the flesh, mingling with darker blood from the skin, changing the tint, before falling to the dirty floor.  The floor soaked it in, as if it were water from the heavens, nourishing the brown earth.

Don’t forget preorders will start on1 May 2015!

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  1. I love your work but I have to say it seems your proof-readers or editors do not always enhance your efforts. Would you be interested in looking at a sample of my editing of the first 3 chapters of Summoned Dreams? If you want to check out some of my work, I have 3 books on amazon kindle, Color of Gone, Child Crying Rock and BLACKBERRY SUMMER. Work from some time ago, not recently edited and never promoted.


  2. I was looking at your LAST book. And you are way deeper into this world than I am. But I read voraciously and sometimes little things can break up the rythmm. Anyway I was just doing it for an experiment. To see just what I’d see if I went about looking closely. If you had any interest, I’d email them to see what you thought. Your work is too good to lose points on little stuff 🙂


    • Thanks, I am actually changing editors. If the new one works out, I am sending her my back catalogue… If she doesn’t, I’ll let you know. 😉


      • Cool. I’m not looking for a job. I am retired. I was just curious if, as a volunteer, I could contribute a quality that could make a difference.:-)


      • When you read Battered Dreams, let me know how you think she did. And I am always interested in beta readers… they read before it publishes, but after the editor to catch what gets missed.


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