Scandal… Schmandal…

Before I woke up yesterday morning, I was fairly certain that the world was still having problems.  Like, serious, holy shit, the world is on the brink of implosion, kind of problems.  Watching my nightly news reminded me that no matter how bad it gets out there, the lead story will be a politically-motivated scandal.

Yep, I’m talking about Hilary’s email issues…  I’m not the biggest fan of our Secretary of State, I’m also not her biggest detractor… However, everyone who thinks this is newsworthy is a hypocrite.  Ouch!  Such language!  Nope, it stays.  I used to work for both state government and local government.  Everyone I knew/know who works in a government office uses their personal email for work and *gasp* their work email for personal stuff.  I’d be willing to bet the politicos on Capitol Hill demanding her head do the same.

Why on Earth are we inventing problems?!?

Want to learn about a real scandal?  Listen to the news about OU.  That’s newsworthy.  Try to figure out what is going on with SAE… obviously, there’s a problem with the fraternal organization.

What are we doing about ISIS this week?  We know what they are doing (murdering an Israeli spy, last I heard).  So, how are we handling it?  No, I don’t expect the tactical data and movements weekly, but some sort of reassurance that ISIS is being dealt with would be nice.

How about the fact that the flu vaccine isn’t working this year, currently effective only 16% of the time, because it’s not the “right” strain of flu?  And it is making a second run, with confirmed cases in several states.  Or the fact that because this particular strain is very contagious among birds, chicken and turkey prices are going to rise.

Why aren’t we discussing the economic increase that has been slowly taking hold?  (I’m acutely aware of how the dollar is performing in the international market because it impacts how much money I make on international e-book sales)

How’s the trial going for the Boston Marathon bombers?

Why did a grandmother in Chicago take a saw to the throat of her 2 year old grandchild?  And how did her kids survive to reproduce?


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  1. All very good points – also what happened to “Ebola” – did it get eradicated or is it just not cool to print about anymore? Or how about how our local governments are doing in a so so economy when they still have to provide so many services? What plans to we have to deal with the real issue of drought in California and our ability to harvest food we grow there as a result?


  2. T.Vogt

     /  March 14, 2015

    Ebola will not be irradiated as long as they don’t know how people become exposed in the first place. Even tonight 3/14 the news talked about a new patient coming to the US for treatment.. What most don’t know is that we have had many people in the US being treated, yet not admitted to..hidden.. isn’t it great when we have a woman that hasn’t bothered to carry her own purse for 20+ yrs decides what she will share and delete of public records.. She was someone that was kicked off the Watergate investigation for unethical behavior.. and that was over 18 minutes of tape .. her crime.. erasing 4 years of public records that show as the Sec. of State, 4th highest position remember Ford?? So when she says she couldn’t be bothered, she meant she didn’t want her entourage have the keys to the treasure chest of blackmail, and bodies behind he…



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