Rights – More Controversy

I don’t get it.  Seriously, I don’t.

We are still chasing our tails about racial equality and gender equality and gay rights.  Why?

Here’s the thing, all those “equality” issues are based upon fictitious constructs.  I don’t mind being asked my nationality, but I hate being asked my “race.”  I always check “other” and then right in “human” next to it.  People don’t like it, but that’s the only “race” I belong to… so it is technically correct.  Ethnically, I’m Scottish.  Nationally, I’m American.  I was born between these borders and I will live between these borders until nuclear holocaust forces me to move, I’m abducted by aliens and sent to a different planet, or I die.  The only minority group I can claim is being female and possibly viking, but they never ask about the viking thing.  (Gaelic Celts had a huge Norse gene pool… therefore, I very well could be a viking too… however, I’m not too keen on raping, pillaging, or looting, so those genes seem to have gone dormant in my family’s genome)

Yes, that was funny and this is a serious piece… but it was meant to illustrate the ridiculousness of the situation.  My ancestors were among the barbarian hordes.  Hadrian built a freakin’ wall to keep the Gaelic Celts out of his section of the Roman Empire.  The Saxons rebuilt it because the barbarians to the north were raiding their towns and villages (even William the Conqueror was going “meh, let’s not mess with them, they are rather violent.”). And then you have the Vikings, who were raping, pillaging, and looting their way across the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean and into Canada.  That means my ancestors were the type of people you didn’t want as neighbors, unless you were a member of the horde too.  The only people more barbaric were the Celts and they had their own island where “Civilized Men” refused to go.  Of course, that makes the Irish a barbarian horde too, so the Scots and Vikings didn’t mind them and everyone else was terrified.  And it shows, because my mother has a little Irish in her.  Her Scottish ancestors were looking at the Irish going “Hey!  We like to kill people too!  Let’s breed, baby!  My hut or yours?”  Thus proving that the Irish were “in” with the barbarian hordes of the north.

This is the reason the British considered enslaving the Irish before the Africans.  But it would have been harder to raid Irish cities than African coastal villages, so the Irish got a reprieve because they were too violent.  Score one for the horde? Most history books forget to mention that at the Super Secret Pre-Slave Trading Meeting someone with a mustache and wig said “Let’s enslave the Irish.  It would be for their own good.”  And someone with a monocle and a better wig went “Dude, I like the way you think, but remember they kick our asses every time we go over there… So, what’s your second choice?”

However, instead of justifying bigotry by actually disliking someone who deserves it, we dislike people based on inane things like skin color, gender, and sexuality.  If someone said “I hate the Celts because they are violent and like to kill people,” I would get it.  I don’t understand it when someone says “Well, he’s gay” like it’s the single most terrible thing on the planet.  So he likes guys.  In the world rankings of terrible people, there are a lot of heavy hitters well above “gay.”  There are also a lot of heavy hitters above “black,” “latino,” and “asian.”

Let’s make a quick list:

Hitler, Stalin, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Slobodan Milosevic, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, the group that started the genocide in the Congo and whose name I forget, Anatoly Onoprienko, Charles Whitman, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, any member of ISIS, Caligula, Adolpho Constanzo, Jim Jones, any Cartel, Fidel Castro, Lucretia Borgia, Elzabeth Bathory, Mary Ann Cotton, Queen Mary I, Ilse Koch, need I continue?

We have a genuine reason to dislike everyone on this list.  Why do we need to invent reasons to dislike other people?

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