Body Types and the Average Woman

Women seem to be more aware of body types than guys.  This isn’t an insult, just an observation.  We grow up learning that bodies come in shapes.  There are lots of shapes; apple, pear, hourglass, stick, upside down pear, pineapple, etc.  (I don’t know why most of the shapes are fruit-related)

That shape is important to how people perceive us.  I’ll define some of these shapes:  Apple – carries all their weight in the middle (stomach and abdomen).  Pear – Carries their weight in their hips, butt, and legs.  Upside Down Pear – Carries a lot of weight in their chest and probably suffers back pain.  Stick – Has no discernible female characteristics to their shape.  Pineapple – Carries their weight evenly distributed from their neck to their ankles.  Hourglass – Has a smaller waist than their hips and breasts.

I am a robust hourglass.  It’s hard to believe that a heavy girl can have a waist, but they can and I do.  My measurements are 40-36-40.  I buy 38 inch jeans because I have very large thighs and wide hips, but they fall down to my hips because I do have a waist.  This gives the appearance that I am not as big as I am.  For someone like me, there’s a double-pooch.  This means I have weight in my stomach area, a line where I am not as thick and then weight in my abdomen.

On the flip side, I have a friend who is an inch taller than me, thirty pounds lighter, but she’s apple-shaped.  Everyone thinks she weighs about fifty pounds more than me.  She doesn’t.  It’s just the way the weight is clustered.  While I may look smaller and by extension, healthier, I’m really not.  She’s closer to her “target weight” than I am.

However, I have never heard a man say “Oh, he really isn’t that big, he just carries all his weight in the front.”  I have heard this come out of the mouths of women, lots.  I play darts with a girl that is pineapple shaped.  She’s very attractive, maybe 25 pounds overweight, but guys will point out that she’s “chunky.”

Body type is not really a weight issue.  Eighteen years ago, when I was a size eight, I was still hourglass shaped.  And eighteen years ago, my friend was still apple-shaped.  Her ideal weight was 125 pounds.  She weighed 119.  People still commented on her being overweight.  I, on the other hand, was not at my ideal weight.  I was 135 pounds.   My BMI was 25.5, making me overweight.  Her BMI was 20.4, making her “normal weight.”

Men also come in these shapes, they just don’t realize it or perceive it the same way on men.  My SO and my nephew are great examples of the differences.  My SO is wide… like really wide.  He carries his weight rather evenly over his entire body.  Did I mention he is really wide?  I can hide behind him.  My nephew is roughly 60 pounds heavier than my SO, four inches shorter and apple-shaped.  Everyone believes my SO has about 100 pounds on my nephew.

Just something to remember.

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  1. I’m not even sure what body type I am and I guess I really don’t care….now if we get into the topic of how and sizing on clothing..then I would have lots to say!


    • Wait for another day. This was provoked by someone telling me that a friend of mine really needed to lose weight, but according to the BMI, she is well within the “normal” range… She just looks heavy.



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