Migraine of the Year Award

Thanksgiving day, I came down with a terrible migraine.  Since then, it has faded and returned irregularly, but never actually gone away.  It doesn’t change and the source seems impossible to find.

If it was food related, it would have gone away by now.

A muscle in my back has bothered me off and on, but stretching and exercise doesn’t help the migraine (exercise makes it worse).  Massaging the muscles do not seem to help either.  I’ve done everything from the balls of my feet, to the ridges that develop on my scalp when I have a migraine to no avail.

I’m due for my next Depo-Provera shot, but I only came due for the hormone boost this week.  Besides, hormone migraines are in a different area of my head than this migraine and I don’t develop the scalp ridges with hormone migraines.

My sinuses have bothered me some during this time, but it isn’t constant and it isn’t centered in a normal sinus area… it’s centered in my “migraine center,” a specific spot in my brain that hurts when I have a “real migraine.”

My stress levels are a little high, but tension and stress headaches happen in my neck, not the front of my head.  Also, they don’t cause the burning sensation that I get when I have a migraine.

It’s very weird.  I don’t know what to do for it at this point.  I’ve stopped taking drugs thinking it was the medications to treat it that were keeping it fueled, but that didn’t help.  Now, I’m back to taking them and getting only minor relief.  My scans are as normal as ever.  There’s no reason for me to have a migraine for over a month… but I do and I can’t break the pain cycle or figure out the source.  Very irritating.

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  1. My daughter found herself with extended headaches and it turned out to be the condition described below that, once identified, responded well to medication.
    “Symptoms of Excess Spinal Fluid Headaches
    Excess spinal fluid, which can lead to a condition called intracranial hypertension, causes some very specific symptoms. In addition to head pain, one may feel neck and shoulder pain, memory problems, impaired vision or blindness, migraines with unexplained triggers, nausea, vomiting, and pain that won’t go away when medicine is taken. The particular symptoms that might indicate this disorder are the unexplained triggers, the resistance to medication, and other signs that are not normal for someone suffering from migraines.
    Testing for Excess Spinal Fluid
    While all of the external signs might indicate an excess of spinal fluid, there’s only one sure way to tell if someone is suffering from this condition. That is to do a lumbar puncture and to test the actual pressure and amount of a person’s spinal fluid. This is not a test that’s done lightly, and it is the result of careful consideration and the elimination of alternative explanations for what a patient is experiencing.
    Drug Treatment Options
    If it turns out that someone is producing more spinal fluid than they need, there are drug treatment options to help combat the situation. These drugs are commonly referred to as carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. These drugs, such as Diamox, can help the body lower the amount of spinal fluid it’s processing, thus, lowering the overall pressure that’s being placed on the skull.
    Additionally, if a person is taking drugs that might exacerbate the condition, then those drugs are typically stopped. This can include some forms of birth control pill, as well as medications that might increase the amount of spinal fluid the body produces.
    Physical Procedures
    If drug therapy is not enough to control the excess spinal fluid production, then the final solution is to go in and use physical methods to stop the buildup of pressure in the patient’s skull. This involves the draining of spinal fluid for temporary relief, and it includes putting in shunts and other surgical solutions to help stop the buildup of extraneous fluid. The particular procedure that will be used on a given patient depends entirely on their circumstances, and those with certain conditions may require alternative methods of surgery in order to fix their spinal fluid build up.
    Whether someone is producing too much spinal fluid, or their body is simply not absorbing and using it quickly enough, the results are often the same. Once the problem has been identified, the most important thing to do is to come up with a treatment plan that can ease the symptoms and get the patient’s body back on track. However, in order for that to happen, it’s important for the sufferer to pay close attention to his or her symptoms, and to report them as soon as possible. The longer someone waits, the worse the buildup will get, and the direr the situation can become.



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