For the next couple of weeks, mostly to motivate myself, I’ll be posting progress updates on my quitting smoking.  I did pretty good today, one cigarette between noon and now (12:52 a.m. my time)… So one cigarette in twelve hours versus about a pack a day, sometimes more.  I would consider that progress.

I’m not having problems getting nicotine, I’m getting plenty of that with the e-cigarette.  I still crave cigarettes, even when I’m feeling like crap from overdosing on nicotine, so it isn’t the nicotine, it’s the habit I crave.  I’ve started using the 12mg and 6mg almost exclusively because I puff away like a freight train trying to curb the urge to hold a cigarette in my hands and smoke it.  After smoking a single cigarette tonight, my urge was sated for a while and I felt a little light-headed from all the nicotine I’d imbibed.  Before I had the cigarette, I was stuffing my face with tiny bowls of popcorn to help curb the urge.  For the record, food doesn’t work for me, it makes the craving worse… Good to know.

I have four flavors in the lower dose: a cinnamon peach, multi-citrus blend, mixed berries, and tropical punch.  I’ve tried the cinnamon peach, citrus blend, and tropical punch and liked all three of them.  Yes, I tested them all in the store, but it’s different when you are hitting it more than once or twice at the store.

Part of the problem with the habit could be that I can’t inhale.  Inhaling makes me cough like I’m drowning and it hurts my chest.  Of course, I’m starting to cough in general.  My lungs clearing up.

In other news, winter is here and I’m not quite sure how the vapor nicotine will work on my arthritis pain.  As strange as it seems, smoking makes my fingers less sore.  I still have to use the creams and wear the fingerless gloves, but I know from past experience, that my hands hurt more when I’m not smoking.  I have also been dealing with a migraine, but it seems to have nothing to do with my quitting smoking.  I pulled the Erector Spinea Muscle group in my back bad enough that it created its own bruise.

However, with heating pad on back, fingerless gloves on hands, e-cigarette hanging from a lanyard cord around my neck, and with Alex working on being sneaky, while the Danes have caught wild animals to keep as their own “children” and Zeke prepares his first Thanksgiving Feast for Nadine’s family, The Dysfunctional Holiday isn’t just underway, it’s ahead of schedule.  I’m over 40% done with the writing….

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  1. Maria D.

     /  December 5, 2014

    Great success on the smoking so far – you may just have to use a non-cigarette oral aid – like a pencil or pen or even something that looks like a ciggy but doesn’t light in any way – like maybe a candy cigarette for your hands – till you get used to not having a cigarette in your hands



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