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1.  My giveaway for a limited edition signed copy of Tortured Dreams has officially begun.  There are also some special swag packs to be won.  Enter often for your chance to win…  I admit to have creating a one “hoop to jump through” entry.  You can submit your reviews of any of my books for bonus entries (4 entries v. 1 entry).  Previous reviews are also accepted.  If I got the widget working correctly, it should show up on the sidebar.  Since I have discovered that my sidebars occasionally look different than what other people see on the sidebar, I can’t guarantee that it’s there.  If it isn’t, you can visit my Facebook page to enter.  So far, there haven’t been many entries, increasing your chances to win.

2.  I have been asked if I will be releasing the hardbacks for purchase after the giveaway.  At this time, I don’t know.  If I do, the books will be different (the dust jacket will be different as well as the color of the binding and printed letters, ensuring that the 11 “limited edition copies” are really limited edition copies.  However, I’m trying to figure out if this would be cost effective.  As I figure it, they would have to sell for at least $27.00 per book for me to make any money (and I would need to make a little money on it).  This seems high for a Dreams & Reality Novel, even in hardback.  If I do decide to do this, I will be selling them exclusively through my Etsy shop (link to come after I make a decision on it).  Each copy sold would be signed.  Thoughts?

3.  I am quitting smoking using an e-cigarette.  Please, no lectures on swapping one bad habit for another.  Writing time is killing me.  I smoke lights, so it was recommended I use an 18mg liquid, which I bought.  However, during writing time, I find I puff on the e-cigarette more than a real cigarette.  I’ve actually made myself sick on three different occasions from excessive nicotine.  Because I am having this problem, I haven’t given up the real cigarettes entirely (although, I’m loving the flavors of the liquid and have learned how to not inhale and therefore, not cough).

So, I’m considering dropping to a lower dose of nicotine for writing night.  Either a 12mg or 6mg.  Does anyone have any experience with these?  And do you have any thoughts on the matter?  (Quitting outright doesn’t work for me, I last about a day.  I did quit once before, but it took a lot of help from Wellbutrin which caused me to stop sleeping and stop smoking.  My will power is weak and I admit it.)

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  1. Maria D.

     /  December 2, 2014

    Kicking the smoking habit is tough and anyone who says otherwise is an ass! I only smoked for a short time – and even after not having a cigarette in my mouth for 30 years …I still crave one if i go into a bar…never used e-cigarettes because they weren’t around when I was smoking….think back then cold turkey may have been the only option…lol
    I think the price on the hardcover books at $27 is reasonable if it is signed and nice – people will pay that much and I’ll admit I have paid that much for a book too….lol….


    • My best friend does not seem to have the ability to become addicted. She smoked off and on for years and then just stopped without a problem. No cravings, no habit to kick… No idea how she did it.

      Yes, but I think of that price tag with a little bit of sticker shock. That applies to “big name” authors, not indies, like me.


  2. ecigs DO work. If you puff constantly, just go to lower nicotine… 8 or 10. I used to smoke compulsively, mixed with an iv drip of pepsi caffeine…. pretty much a self induced manic state.. and the ecig worked for me..




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