Bad Customer Service

Somethings just really irritate the shit out of me.  The big one is bad customer service.  I know that things happen; wait staff have bad days, computers screw up, messages go missing, but there is still some common courtesies that should happen when these things happen.

In August, my SO and I stayed at the Magnuson Grand Hotel in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  We were there for a dart tournament.  Our hotel room was appalling.  The curtains were being held on the rod by safety pins, our shower curtain rod was broken, we stayed two nights, the toilet wouldn’t flush correctly, and they never replaced the shampoo (which we needed on day 2 of our stay).  It was so bad, I actually took pictures of our room because I had never stayed in a “hotel” that was this bad… and I travel, a lot; darts, vacations, trips to see family, weekend getaways that are spur of the moment, for work, etc.

Now, the tournament was 8-10 August.  I let the room complaints slide because the guy at the front desk was nice and I’m not really the type to complain about those things anyway.  It was obvious the hotel was going through some changes, both in a physical sense and management.

On 25 September, my debit card was charged for these two nights, again.  We discovered the charges on 27 September and I was in the first stage of my current bout of yuckiness, meaning my SO got to handle it.  Now, he and I handle things very differently and I am far more polite than he is.  I’m sure there was yelling and swearing on his part.  That’s how he handles things. We were asked to provide documentation of the charges, which we emailed to them.

And heard NOTHING for several days.  At this point, he begins calling them two or three times a day – after all, we haven’t heard anything, did they get the email?  Also, the original hotel charge was to his credit card.  The new charge was to my debit card.  I had reserved the room and he paid for it upon our arrival.  So, was there a problem finding the charges because they were in different names?

Still nothing… Monday, my voice returned and I called and I had to leave a message.  (The man who answered the phone at that point was nice enough to inform me that the charges were the result of system glitch, we were not the only ones that had been charged twice and that it was being worked on, but it wasn’t his job to explain this to me…)  When I didn’t hear back by the end of the day, I called and asked to speak to the supervisor and was told they were also unavailable.  I left a message for her to call me back.  Tuesday afternoon rolls around, my calls haven’t been returned.  My SO’s calls haven’t been returned.  I fire off an email and I was polite in my email, requesting at least a status update.  An hour later, I’ve still heard nothing.

I call again.  Yes, now I’m calling multiple times a day to try to get some kind of status update or just anything at this point.  I tell the woman that answers the phone who I am and ask to speak with the person I need to speak with, I get put on hold.  A few moments later, the woman who answered the phone gets back on the line and says “So-and-So wanted me to tell you that your account has been credited.”

The woman in the financial department that I need to speak won’t even take my call?  Are you serious?  I thanked the woman who told me my refund was on the way and then they hung up on me.  I can’t even talk to someone about the poor customer service.  Really?

Originally, if I was going to rate the Magnuson Grand of Fayetteville, Arkansas, I would have given it three stars – lacking in the room department, but great customer service.  After this incident, they get none, zero stars.  If you have to stay in Fayetteville, don’t stay at the Magnuson Grand.  I would actually recommend sleeping in your car first.

And I’m adding a picture of our bathroom just to show that I wasn’t lying about the condition.  This was our shower curtain, notice how it bunches in the middle because the ends are broken and it curves down.  We couldn’t close it to shower:

shower curtain MGHotel

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  1. OMG…..that is horrible! I would be so angry that I would keep calling till i got that woman to come to the phone…lol…..I don’t think i’ve ever had that bad of an experience.


    • I wrote a blog post instead and emailed it to her. Vindictive and petty, yes, but I’m tired of dealing with them. However, it’s been 2 days and the money still hasn’t shown up in my checking account. My ordeal with them might not be over yet.


  1. The Ordeal With The Magnuson Grand Continues | Hadena James

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