Really?!? Still?

We had a very busy weekend.  I’m trying to learn to identify myself as a writer.  This is harder than most people think.  When you have a “traditional” job and someone asks “what you do for living?” it’s very easy to say “I’m a nurse” or “I work in construction.”  I don’t really have that luxury.  When I say “I’m a writer.”  There’s an onslaught of questions “what do you write?” “are you a journalist?” “are you published?” “how much money do you make?” (on a side note, I’m not sure why it’s okay to ask a writer about their income but not a nurse)  So, I haven’t been great at saying “I’m a writer.”

In the past month, I’ve had to redefine how I think about myself.  I am a writer.  That means I’m going to have to explain that yes, I’m published, I write a couple of different series, and no, I’m not going to give you a rundown on my monthly income.  I’m not making as much as James Patterson, but I make more than unemployment would pay me…

I love hard-core, gore-filled, thrillers.  I also like fantasy and mystery.  So, I write in those three genres. My favorite compliment about the Dreams Series was when someone told me “It was like reading a Saw movie, with a better plot.”  Oh yeah, that was the goal.

Back on point; so with this redefining of my own identity as a “writer,” I just expect to get asked what I write.  And I’ve been willing to tell them.

I forgot why I hated it.  As the weekend progressed and I answered the question a couple of different times, I realized that as long as I talked about the mystery series, it was fine.  However, if I mentioned the fantasy series revolved around a demon/witch half breed or that my thriller series is about serial killers, people tend to take a step back.  They literally take a step back from me.  I don’t even have to mention that I write chapters from the serial killer’s perspective to get this reaction, I just have to tell them it’s a series about a team of US Marshals that chases serial killers, they ask a few questions (like is there a romantic angle – um, no) and then it’s like “wtf?  I have to get away from her, she’s nuts!”  Or with the fantasy series “how very sacrilegious, holy shit, I’m going to be struck down with her.  Run away!”

For the record, God has not smited me for the fantasy series.  I think he has other things to handle without worrying about my brain cranking out books about demons being misunderstood, not evil.  Also, I’m not nuts.  I do have a mental illness, but it doesn’t make me crazy.  It stresses me out, for no reason, and I worry about weird things like meteorites slamming into the car in front of me while I drive and creating a crater that sucks my car into the core of Earth.  Well, that might be crazy, but it isn’t like I’m plotting to kill and eat people.  It’s called “imagination.”

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  1. Maria D.

     /  August 18, 2014

    Lol…I don’t have a problem with any of your books – Maybe I’m weird but to me your US Marshals chasing serial killers is more like a real version of Criminal Minds – they tame the violence on tv but yeah…that’s what I think of. The fantasy series – well they are not the demons going to hell type demons – it’s like just another type of being – no worse than a werewolf or vampire. My mom actually laughs when I tell her I’m getting ready to read one of the Dreams books again – she knows I like them and that’s all that is important to her (she’s actually thrilled there’s no romance…lol)



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