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I’ve read a ton of books lately.  Here’s my take on them.

Teddy – Michael Anderson:  Hmmmm… it started out good.  It was my favorite type of book, an action packed, gory thriller with mystery, intrigue, and a touch of the supernatural.  Then it went downhill.  I got the book free and if I hadn’t, I would have felt really ripped off.  Let me get a few of the annoyances off my chest.  First – the word “zephyr” is in common use in the book.  I know what it means, I haven’t seen it in a book in ages and while normally, I like a little language change up, I don’t need the word “zephyr” used every time a breeze appears in the book.  Call it a breeze, a light wind, a rush of air, something, anything… The repeated use of the word was unnatural and clunky.  It felt like it was shoved in to prove the author knew it.  Second – the main character steals dreams to sleep, great concept, very intimate theft, interesting to move a plot along, a good supernatural element.  However, the main character repeatedly says that he is not a psychic and he cannot read minds.  Actually, if you’re stealing dreams, you’re kind of reading minds and since you use that information to stop bad guys… well… Ok, so you don’t read means and you aren’t a psychic… got it.  Why are you telling me yet again, in every chapter for the entire first half of the book?  Third – I like a good twist.  I like a few good twists.  I don’t need every incident to be a twist.  The thing had so many twists and turns that it was sometimes hard to actually follow the story.  On the plus side, if you are a fan of Odd Thomas, the book is written in the same narrative format.  There were also parts that reminded me of the narrative of Mister Be Gone by Clive Barker.  Both are good books.  This wasn’t terrible, I gave it three stars… at least I was able to finish it.

Do Not Resurrect – Chairman Kingmaker:  I get it, it’s tongue in cheek humor and I like that kind of stuff.  It’s got some sort of confusing mystery plot that I didn’t figure out and a character that I didn’t understand… I gave up on chapter 7 because I found myself falling asleep while reading it.  I haven’t done that since I had to read War and Peace by my least favorite author in the world (Tolstoy… the very name makes me writhe with loathing).  For the record, I couldn’t make it through the audiobook of War and Peace either and I don’t believe I could listen to Do Not Resurrect. – Can I give negative star ratings?  If so, -8!

Vector: A Thriller In Paradise – Rob Swigart:  There’s a serious time problem with this book.  Parts of it seemed modern, parts did not and it wasn’t supposed to be a meshing of time, so that was a bad start.  The main detective is a throwback to your 1920’s or ’30’s detective in a large city with a high murder rate.  The scientist that hates science does something with plants that is very modern, but I’ve forgotten what…  I never got the characters.  I didn’t find them intriguing, I found them distracting.  There was a plot, the plot screamed Hawaii is not paradise, it’s more like standing outside the gates of Hell waiting to be let in.  Unfortunately, I was so busy trying to figure out the deal with the time-confused characters (and the fact that the Cold War still seemed to be raging), that I couldn’t get interested in the plot.  It’s a murder mystery, that’s about all I can tell you. – 2 stars because I feel generous (Did I mention the author used three paragraphs to describe rain falling on a banana leaf?)

314 – A R Wise:  I started this book several months ago.  The plot was good, but I put it down and never picked it back up.  Initially, I gave it a 3-star rating because I was enjoying it, I just got distracted and found that picking it up wasn’t that big a deal.  One night, I had nothing else to read on my Kindle and started on it again.  I didn’t start at the beginning, I picked up where I left off.  I trudged through a few more chapters and then, like magic, I was wrapped up in the book.  I couldn’t put it down.  I ended up staying up until 3 a.m. to finish it.  There are two more in the series, I’ll be grabbing those in the near future to read.  The characters were well done (hence the problem with finishing it, one is an abusive relationship).  The plot was intriguing and had just the right amount of action and slow passages.  Oh yeah, definitely recommend.  4 stars and a recommended read.

Blind Evil – Eric Praschan: I personally know Eric, but my review is not biased by this.  If I hated the book, I’d say it.  I didn’t hate the book.  I enjoyed the book.  I was occasionally unsure which main character’s point of view I was in, but otherwise, it was a good read.  The book kept my attention, the killer was fleshed out well, the main characters (a male and female whose names escape me at the moment) were interesting.  I won’t give much detail because I recommend you read it.

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