Follow Me, Follow You?

First, I’ll start by saying I am not a diligent Twitter user.  My blog posts go there, my Facebook posts go there, but I don’t actually create tweets.  Needless to say, my Twitter following isn’t growing by leaps and bounds.  However, my phone notifies me every time I pick up a new follower or something extremely interesting happens.

I get the etiquette portion of Twitter… You follow me, I follow you back.  I don’t practice it though.  Whenever I pick up a new follower, I check their recent tweets to see what they are tweeting about: is it their meals?  the ordeal with their life partner?  or the cardinal sin of a writer and only tweeting about their own books?  Here’s who I do follow: people who post about other books they’ve read.  People who post actual news, not things that can be dismissed as a hoax with a quick trip to and not conspiracy theorists.  I follow a few sports teams and a few writers (Gail Carriger has interesting posts for example).

A few weeks ago, I picked up a new follower.  It was a fellow writer, I checked the posts, it was all about their own books.  I did not return the follow.  The following day, my phone informed me I had a new message on Twitter… A personal message.  These are really rare, so I opened it up.  It was the author asking why I hadn’t returned the follow.  I explained.  They sent me a scathing reply about not supporting my fellow writers and then unfollowed me.

Here’s the thing, I don’t read my Twitter feed very often.  I do not need it clogged by tweets from an author advertising their own books.  If the author is giving a report on a book by a different author they read, that’s great.  I’m going to read those and probably, check out any links that they’ve included.  But I’ve seen it time and time again, authors who fall just shy of spamming their followers with their own book links and I just don’t have time to wade through it to get to the important stuff.

Also, I know it’s considered rude, but I don’t acknowledge new followers.  This is because I don’t like for people to acknowledge me.  I don’t need all your followers to know that you are thanking me for following you.  I don’t imagine my 200 followers (and I believe I’m being generous in that number) need or want to know that you have become follower number 201.  If they are really curious, they can look at the followers list… Ok, done ranting about Twitter.

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  1. C.N. Faust

     /  June 25, 2014

    I am terrible with Twitter. It is not very useful at all … and my feed usually devolves into a bunch of authors self-promoting and stroking their own egos… or promoting works they’re not even interested in with the hopes the favor will be returned. Needless to say… I don’t tweet very often.


    • I don’t mind when an author reposts about a blog stop, has a new release, or a special sale on their book(s)… But every day, sometimes multiple times a day, is cumbersome and annoying.


  2. Maria D.

     /  June 25, 2014

    Lol…Twitter is a strange, strange land….I usually follow authors that I like to read either their tweets or their books – sometimes I’ll follow someone because they seem to know stuff about what’s coming soon in certain genre but yeah…I’m not good at reading tweets myself….if I do I do a quick scan…and you are not obligated to follow someone back…lol



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