Yes, there are some duds…

With the acquisition of a Kindle over a year ago, I have become an ebook junkie.  I always read in great quantities before, but now, it’s even easier (and cheaper) to read in ever greater quantities.  It has also introduced me to some new authors that I love.

Last week, it introduced me to one that I hated.  The writing was bad… like a pre-teen could have written a better mystery and more convincing plot.  We won’t discuss the editing issues, I’ve had a few problems there myself (you don’t always get what you pay for in the indie world).  We will talk about the lack of focus; entire scenes seemed to have been left out, but referenced at a later time.  We will discuss the lack of a coherent plot; sometimes we seemed to be working towards finding the killer and sometimes it was just random nonsense.  The dialogue was atrocious.  I don’t believe the writer did anything other than load a Google Map to talk about the place where the mystery was set.  And… it failed in the mystery department.

So, essentially, it sucked.  I struggled and managed to read about half the book before I decided I had better things to do… like watch grass grow.  I didn’t leave a review, but considered it and while I considered it, I read the other reviews.

One reviewer demanded that Amazon remove all indie authors because they were obviously producing drivel (I’m paraphrasing).

This seems a little harsh and I’m talking as a reader, not an author here.  I have picked up some awesome books on Amazon by indies.  I bought an entire series of books by an indie because the books were so well written.  I am looking forward to reading more of their stuff when it comes out.  Yes, I’ve found some duds along the way, books that cost me $3.99 or less and yes, they sucked, but part of that is just my reading preferences.  I kind of wish authors would better classify their books (I don’t want to buy a thriller and find out I’ve spent my money on a romantic thriller with the emphasis on the romantic part).  But, I also know it isn’t always the author’s fault the books aren’t classified correctly (the Dreams & Reality Series is marked as horror and The Strachan Series is marked as Dark Fantasy, both are inaccurate).

Demanding the removal of all indie authors because they only write crap is not just harsh, it’s unrealistic.  Indies are a growing market and there are lots of good ones out there.  I scan the free and cheap books every day looking for new authors to read.  I find more good books than bad and I’m a very picky reader.

Did I mention the book was free?  It was.  The reviewer said they paid too much for it, even though they admitted it was free.  Now, I know getting a badly written book is disappointing, but as a free read, you couldn’t pay too much for it and guess what… Amazon offers samples of books.  I could tell by the end of the sample that the book was in serious trouble.  I downloaded it anyway, which is part of the reason I didn’t review it… I wasn’t expecting an Agatha Christie novel, but I was expecting a coherent plot, even if it did have some issues in the sample.

Ok, rant over…

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  1. I have to agree…I’ve read a lot of indies lately that are good…I’ve also read some that are bad but if I write a review I try to write about both the positives and negatives in the book. I do wish that Amazon would have the authors categorize the books themselves – I am horrible at identifying the sub-genres and I’ll admit that I’m probably guilty as much as anyone else – though I do know the Dreams and Reality series is more of a thriller/psychological and it’s not a horror…I’m still out on the Strachan series…lol…I myself want to call it a dark paranormal …lol…and I would never ever ask Amazon to pull indies – some of the best books are indies:)



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