Over the last month, I have been tracking the time I spend writing.  The app I picked goes a little further and tracks not just the amount of time I’ve spent, but the exact hours.  It’s been an eye-opener.

I am most productive from 3-5 pm every afternoon and 9 pm – whenever I go to bed.  Tracking my word counts during stages of the day has proven that the two hours in the afternoon and the three or four hours at night are the times when the words flow the fastest and the plot points seem to connect themselves better in my head.  Now, if I could go from 3 pm – bedtime, I would have a book a week written, unfortunately, life interferes with that plan, so I’ll settle for a couple thousand words during that block.

That two hour block is seeing an average of 1,750 words per hour and the closer it gets to 5, the closer it gets to 2,000 words per hour.  My nighttime counts are just as good.  I average 2,000 words per hour after 9 pm.  My morning counts are no where near that, averaging just 1,000 words per hour on a really good day.

So, this week, I’ve been working on changing my writing hours and rearranging my life.  My new daily routine, get up at 7 am and do whatever it is I want or have to do in the morning (like laundry), lunch and then from 1:30 – 2:30 a nap (the reasoning for this will become clear soon), from 3-5 is writing time, 5-9 is family time and 9 – 2 am is writing time again, 2 am is bedtime.  So, I’m losing a couple hours of sleep at night, hence the nap in the afternoon to recharge my batteries, but I’ll be getting more written in the seven hours I have blocked out for the activity.

However, changing my sleeping pattern at age 33 is taking time.  The last two nights, I’ve been sleepy by midnight and the struggle to stay awake and working until 2 am has been terrible.  Usually, I end up playing video games from midnight to one and going to bed at 1:30.  I know if I stick with it and stay in my routine, it will happen and I’ll see my productivity rise for the entire nighttime writing hours, but the first couple of days have not gone as well as I’d hoped.  The good news is, I’m sticking with it and if it takes me a week or two to get to the 2 am mark, so be it.  And if I find my productivity doesn’t continue to rise after midnight, I’ll rethink the plan.

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  1. Maria D.

     /  March 22, 2014

    Interesting findings….I’m more of an afternoon and evening person



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