Rant Of The Day: Debt Collectors

I have had the exact same cell phone number since 1993.  About seven years ago, I began receiving calls from debt collectors for a man named “Angel.”  For the record, I have never known anyone (male or female) named Angel and he certainly doesn’t have access to my telephone number.

So, for years, I have been telling debt collectors that they had the wrong number.  There is no “Angel” here.

Monday, the phone rang and the number was one I didn’t recognize.  Like an idiot, I answered it.  The call started out pleasant enough:

May I speak to Angel _______?

There is no one here by that name.

I’m with ______ and am calling with an urgent matter that I need to speak with him about.

That’s fine, but there is still no one by the name at this number.  

Maybe I’m pronouncing it wrong.  Let me spell it…

I don’t need you to spell it.  I have been receiving calls from your company as well as several others for seven years now.  It does not change the fact that I do not know him and he has never had access to this phone number.  I think he writes the number down incorrectly when filing his forms.

It’s very urgent that I speak with him.  Will you pass along a message for him to call me at _______?

No, I will not pass that along.  I do not know Angel ______.  I have never known him.

Let me spell my name and the company.

I don’t want you to spell your name or the company you work for.  I DO NOT KNOW ANGEL ________.  I cannot pass on messages to someone I do not know.  I have told your company multiple times that I do not know him.  I would like to have my phone number removed from his account.  

There is no reason to lose your temper.  This is (___)  ___-_____?  

Yes and it is MY phone number, not Angel _____.  

Ma’am that phone number is connected to all of his accounts.  Are you sure you don’t know him?

How can I make it more plain?  Do I need to hire skywriters?  I DO NOT KNOW HIM.  I do not want to take a message for him.  I would really like it if you would call the hospital associated with this account and let them know the next time he shows up, they should detain him until he gives them a real phone number.

Ma’am there is no reason to become upset.  I just want you to pass a message along when you see him.

I can’t pass a message along.  I am going to say this very slowly, please write it down:  I DO NOT KNOW HIM!  I CANNOT PASS A MESSAGE TO SOMEONE I DO NOT KNOW!

My name is _____ and he can reach me at ______.

May I speak to your supervisor?

Of course, whatever we need to do to get this account taken care of.

This is ____, how may I help you?

I have spent seven years telling your company that I do not know Angel _____.  I would like my phone number taken off the account.

You’re sure that you don’t know Mr.  ______?

Positive.  Until seven years ago, I had never heard the name.  I do not know the man you are looking for, I cannot pass messages along to him, I don’t care who he owes money to or how much he owes, I just want my phone number removed from his account.

Not a problem, sorry for the inconvenience.

Twenty minutes ago, my phone rang.  The exact same company calling for the exact same person.  Really?!?

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  1. Ha! Maybe you should change your phone number. Or maybe when they call and as soon as they ask for Angel, just hang up. You have no obligation to speak with them. Or you can call your phone company and ask if they can block any calls from that company. Or if they can give you a new number.


  2. Or you could hire skywriters to fly over the company’s parking lot. Yeah. That was a good idea. I’d go with that.


    • After 20 years with the same number, I’m loathe to change it. I am working with my cell carrier to get the calls blocked.

      However, I like the idea of skywriters… although, knowing my luck, the office would be closed for fumigation or something that day.


  3. young6x7

     /  January 29, 2014

    There is a way to get it stopped – going to require a little bit of effort on your part but not a lot. Verbally telling them the information doesn’t have the same cease and desist power as a letter.

    The about.com link even has a sample letter for you to use. The fox business link has the legal background on what needs to be done.




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