Click-Clack, Click-Clack, Click-Crap…

I was typing away last night, listening to my keys make their strange, slightly irritating noises when one of my keys popped off.  It isn’t really an important key… It’s the + on my numerical pad.

However, it has me thinking.  I use a laptop, daily.  I probably put 20,000 words a day if you include figuring my checkbook, writing blog posts, Facebook, my novels, any correspondence (lots of emails pass through my way everyday), and any “extras” that I have forgotten (and for the record, my checkbook is QuickBooks, so it isn’t just adding and subtracting).

In the 7 years that I had my Dell laptop, I had to replace the keyboard 12 times.  I’ve had my Asus for 1 year and 2 months and my first key has now come off.  I attempted to stick it back on, but no joy.

I used to think it was my Dell.  Now, I’m wondering if it’s all the stress I put on the keys.  I type fast and hard.  On a typing test where I have to read and copy the text shown to me, I type 74 words per minute.  On a creative typing test, ie: the words just come from my brain, I type just over 101 words per minute… on average.

My laptop mouse usually gets worn pretty quick as well.  As does the areas where my wrists rest on the case.  So, I’m beginning to think it might be time to get a wireless keyboard and mouse.  The problem with that is I prefer to write in a recliner or on a couch as opposed to a desk or a table.  Would a wireless mouse and keyboard work for me?  I’ve never used one on a laptop.  I know others that have, but I haven’t.  So, I’m a little unsure about the setup and how well it would work for me.

Ok, that was my miscellaneous thought of the day…

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  1. Thank God you don’t suffer from RSI. I have thoracic outlet syndrome and can hardly type at all without severe pain. Funny thing is that you only get it with modern ‘puters. You had to hit the old typewriters so hard, and then you had to physically move the carriage back. In the old days I never suffered at all. Damn ‘puters and damn the mouse!


  2. Get a TV tray for your laptop. Easier to type with it sitting somewhere while you use the wireless 🙂


    • Too late for that. I have grade 3 RSI, which means I’m never going to get better. I use speech recognition, but it’s the mouse that causes me the most trouble.


      • I have a slight lisp and have never been able to get speech recognition software to work correctly for me as a result. I’ve tried three kinds without much luck.


    • I have an end table in front of my recliner. Not being able to see what I have written, might improve my writing! 😀


  3. I haven’t tried a wireless keyboard or mouse….but I did have to replace my keyboard on my laptop but it took like 3 years – it was a pain but I like it now. Plus I got another laptop as a “backup”….lol….as for the place where you rest your wrists…you should probably get one of those ergonomic type wrist pads – I use one at work daily and love it! My wrists don’t hurt as much as they used to and my new keyboard at work also is not raised – it’s more flat than the other one was and that helps too!


    • My wrists are never the problem. My fingers give me fits, especially in winter. When I signed up to play the cello in 2nd grade, they didn’t tell me that a possible side-effect would be arthritis in my hands by the time I was 25. Of course, I still would have played cello, but I might have done some preventive measures all those years.



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