Living Together

My SO and I have been living together now for two years.  No, we aren’t married and it isn’t going to happen, at least not anytime soon.  There are several reasons for this, including the fact that it would be financially detrimental to both of us to get married.  However, we are committed and even share a checking account.

However, over the last two years, we have found the little things that needle each other or just make the other one raise their eyebrow.  I’m going to share some of mine about him.  He has his own list and yes, I know most of it, to be fair, I’ll add some of his.

1.  I don’t know why he rolls his socks into balls to put them in the laundry hamper…  I’m not going to unroll them when I do laundry.  As a matter of fact, our hamper is a 3-bag set up and I don’t touch his dirty socks for any reason.  I just upturn the bag into the washer.  Then he wonders why they aren’t clean.  (For the record, he doesn’t like the way I fold his socks, so I don’t, I dump them into his dresser drawer, which annoys him just as much as when I fold them)

2.  I don’t know why he owns more shoes than me.  In his defense, I only own three pairs; tennis shoes, dress boots and Doc Marten’s.  He owns six; none of them dress shoes.

3.  I’m still not sure what he wants for dinner… ever.  And his favorite response is “I don’t care.”  But it isn’t true, he does care.  Why doesn’t he just tell me what he wants?  I’m not good at guessing games.

4.  Why is it that he gets to control the thermostat?

5.  And then steals the blankets when he gets cold in the middle of the night?

Now, his list about me:

1.  I snore, bad.  I know this, he knows this.  I am no longer allowed to go to bed before he falls asleep, because I always fall asleep first and then he can’t sleep because of my snoring.  This is a sinus problem, surgery fixes it short term, but I’ve already had it done twice and it never lasts more than a year or two.

2.  I have a habit of leaving cabinet doors open.  I just don’t think about closing them (I am shorter than all the upper cabinet doors at 5’2″… he’s 6’1″).  I do the same with the lower cabinets.  It just happens.

3.  I really like to play video games.  He watches TV and I work or play video games.  My constant mouse clicking irritates him.

4.  I can’t fold his socks.  He swears that every time I fold his socks, I break all the elastic.  So I started putting safety pins in them.  This didn’t help, because then he started complaining about holes in them.  Now, I just dump them in his sock drawer.  This also irritates him.  Once a week, he takes the drawer out of the dresser, puts it on the bed and folds all the socks I’ve dumped in it.  Then to get back at me for dumping his socks in the drawer, he leaves the drawer on the bed, because that annoys me.

5.  I sleep in flannel pajamas year round.  In the winter, it is not uncommon for me to add a hoodie to my sleep attire.  I will even pull up the hood and cinch it closed, to block out any threat of light.  He thinks its weird to sleep in flannel pajamas and a hoodie.

Ah, living together… So much fun.

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