Bring It On, October!

For the record, I’m testing out Grammarly’s grammar corrector on today’s post, because as one of my critics put it, I need an editor like a cop needs a donut.

October is a notoriously bad month for book sales.  I had proof of it last October.  However, three days in, it isn’t looking as bleak as last year.  As a matter of fact, sales are slow but steady.

I did decide to take an extra step this month and make arrangements to run an advert that I wouldn’t normally have run.  I’m hoping to have at least decent results with it.  We shall see.

The pricing experiment continues as does my forays with KDP Select.  In the three months that I ran The Dysfunctional Chronicles as select books, I had mixed results.  I am now trying it with the Dreams & Reality Series.  I made the mistake of enrolling Elysium Dreams in it (note to self, watch what you click).  However, since I consider Tortured Dreams to be the inferior novel, I did enroll it in KDP Select on purpose.  After a month, it has had zero borrows.  Meaning it is doing worse than any of The Dysfunctional Chronicles, but oddly, it is still selling well as is Elysium Dreams.

As for my fantasy series, the numbers continue to rise.  It isn’t taking massive leaps forward, but the retention rate is getting higher.  It is still nowhere near my other two series.  By the way, both are over 10% retention rates right now.  My fantasy series remains at less than 5%.  Part of this is my own fault… I was supposed to release Dark Legacies in November.  Instead, I got wrapped up in the plot of Mercurial Dreams and am releasing it instead.  I’m shooting for January or February for Dark Legacies.

I was going to kill the fantasy pricing experiment in October, but I think I’m going to leave it.  Unfortunately, it does not get reviewed as often as my other stuff.  We’ll give it another month and see what happens.

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  1. What do you think of Grammarly? I’m trying it too, but not finding it all that helpful. is it just me? Also, I’m loving all your pricing experiments 🙂 I’ve been fooling around with price, myself, but I’m not half as good at analysis as you are.


    • I am still not sure about Grammarly. All of my novels have been through at least one editor (some of them have been through two). I downloaded the plug-in for Word and am now running my edited novels through it. Sometimes, I find it really annoying… Like with dialogue, it is constantly telling me that I should add ending punctuation (which my dialogue has), but some of my passive sentences it has suggested improvements that were really improvements.

      I have one novel specifically that I want to run this weekend because I *know* there are some issues with “then/than”. I will be posting on Monday my thoughts on how that went. Word won’t catch it and the editor that went through it was very pregnant (like due any day) and I think that took some of her focus off the proofreading (she was trying to get it done before she went in to labor). We both thought it was fine until a few readers started pointing it out recently.

      The other problem I have is that with the plug-in, I have to start over every time I open the document. It saves the changes I make, but it doesn’t save my “added words” or the stuff I’ve told it to “ignore.” And it takes time to run on the full document… I’m thinking about ten or eleven minutes each time. Time that I don’t always have…



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