An Omnibus and Other Stuff

Someone convinced me to take the first four books in The Dysfunctional Chronicles and create an omnibus.  Easy to do since three of the four are novellas.  So I did.  Buy all four at once and save a buck… Of course, in reality, that isn’t why I did it.  I make more money even though you save a dollar.  To be exact, I make a whole $0.64 more if you buy the omnibus.  See, 4 books at $0.99 each makes me $1.40.  However, if you spend the $2.99 to buy all four in the omnibus, I make $2.04.  I could wax poetic about how great a deal it is for you and for me, but I think it’s pretty evident, so I won’t.

Pricing has been on my mind a lot recently and number crunching and data…  Possibly because in 3 days, I will have been an Independently Published Author for exactly 1 year.  I have to admit, it has been better than I expected, worse than I had hoped.  And I’ve had some really low points that have made me scratch my head and wish I had never started.

For example, in March, my aunt (who I taught the steps of indie publishing to in January), sold $1800 worth of books.  She writes Christian-Western-Romances.  She charges either $0.99 or $1.99 per book and she’s a KDP Select user for all her books.  She doesn’t use an editor or a cover artist and yet, she consistently outsells me month after month.  I’ve read the reviews of her books and everyone says time and time again that she desperately needs an editor and yet, people still buy her books in mass quantities.  She also doesn’t advertise.  In stark contrast; I advertise, use editors, use cover artists and write in multiple genres, but have yet to have a month when I have sold $1800.   That is depressing, at least for me.

One could argue that the genres are the biggest difference.  Her’s is a little more niche than mine.  One could also argue, that I am building a much more active fan base – my readers return for more, even sliding out of their normal reading genres to read the other stuff I have published because I have a “unique style”.

For the record, I don’t know what a “unique style” is… I just know that I have it because people tell me about it.

So, the pricing experiment and the omnibus experiment have begun.  We’ll see where they lead us in the next few months.  I will post updates every Monday.

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  1. Eventually the higher quality of your writing will pay off. People will take your work more seriously, and your fans will continue to come back for more. If I spend money on a poorly edited book, I do read it, but I don’t buy again.


  2. you’ll have to come back tomorrow I guess…


  3. kraftyvada

     /  August 28, 2013

    Also you said you have been doing it just a year. How long has she been doing it? Give yourself a break. I am very impressed on the volume you write. I know some authors only publish one a year. How many have you published in 2012 & 2013. I seen, I think it was on Story Cartel-not sure, you being compared to James Patterson. Does that happen to your Aunt? You are a great writer and yes unique, so give yourself time. Yes, your bio says you have been writing since you were 8, but only 1 year indie. I think that’s GREAT. You are living your dream. Your time will come! I see you ip there with Lisa Jackson, iris Johansen, etc! Plus a movie and TV series credit to your name. Bet your aunt can’t say that!



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