The Morning Rush – Copy Editors

My post is later than normal, I know.  Consider it the morning rush.  What have I been doing?  Working my butt off on Tortured Dreams.  I know, it’s already been published, but good enough just isn’t good enough.  After I received another review about the editing I decided to sit down and go through it again.

It had been several months, my brain was not automatically filling in the next lines.

I hear this often “she needs a copy editor.”  Guess what, I have one.  I usually have more than one.  Real copy editors.  This might be the best kept secret on the planet… Most novels go through 10 or more copy editors before they get published, when you aren’t an Indie Publisher.  My friend is a copy editor for a major newspaper.  They edit their news articles five times before they go to press, with five different copy editors.

Five times for a newspaper article of 600 words or so.  My novels, averaging around 75,000 words, take a lot of editing and things get missed.

Tortured Dreams was 83,000+ words when the content editor finished.  My first copy editor cost me $1328 to find the three hundred mistakes (not spelling as much as missed words or extra words or missed periods, commas, etc).  The second copy editor cost me $1535 to find an additional fifty errors.  The beta readers found four more.  Over the past few days, I found an additional 8… two “extra” words, one “reversal of word order”, four missed periods, one missed closed quotation mark.

If I hired another copy editor today to go through Tortured Dreams, I’m sure we’d find a few more.  And a few more the time after that.  While I would love to have the ten grand or so to pay that many copy editors to go through Tortured Dreams, I don’t.

I’m sure in six months, when I re-read Elysium Dreams, I’ll find a handful of other errors.  I’m sure my readers will find a few as well, some of them will email me about them.  Some won’t.  I like it when they do though, it helps me out.

And I’m not the only one.  Recently, I have become addicted to Jack Kilborn novels.  I love them.  I love his style, his content, his chilling details… When I read Afraid, I found five errors.  I didn’t email him about them, but I didn’t let those five errors cloud my review either.  If there had been fifty, I would have dropped it a star level… but there wasn’t.  And the overall quality of the book made it a 5-star review for me.  Those five errors were not that big of a deal.  As an indie writer, I know it happens.

Am I advocating for the dismissal of copy editors?  Not at all.  I would love for every book I read to be perfect.  They aren’t, especially with the rise of the indie.  I am advocating for a little leniency.  I have never read a “perfect” indie book and I’ve started reading tons of them (Jack Kilborn, Liz Schulte, Cheryl Bradshaw, etc)… and guess what?  I recently read a book distributed by a publishing house that had errors in it… The publishing house was small and probably didn’t have the ability to send 10+ copy editors through the novel either.

Ok, I’m stepping off the soap box and going back to work.

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  1. Tracy E.

     /  July 26, 2013

    I would gladly be a copy editor for you free of charge! It would give me a great reason to read your books over and over! And it so would give me a way to use my dormant degree in English:)



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