Back In The Saddle Again

Well, I’m officially home from vacation… heaven help me.  I have a touch of vacation blues.  Not only did I have a wonderful time, but coming home means I have a ton of laundry and other crap that needs to be taken care of…

For those that missed it, I spent eight days in beautiful Noel, Missouri at Wayside Campground.  This was the 32nd year for Chuck & Stick’s Chicken Coop Open: The World’s Largest Outdoor Dart Tournament.  I love darts, but I don’t go to the Coop for that.  Instead, my days are filled with great friends that I rarely see (except at Coop), our amazing campground host and hostess, Rod & Renee, the charity auction (that went to Moore, Oklahoma this year), and the float trip on the Elk River.

Since I rarely let my hair down, so to speak, the Coop is my time to be a little wild and crazy.  I ate vodka soaked gummy bears and did jello shots on the float trip and remembered why I don’t do vodka (no, I wasn’t sick, but I have no tolerance to the stuff).  The float trip is six miles and we move about a mile an hour.  No sunburn this year, it’s the first time since I started going five years ago that I managed to not to get burned on the float.

I think there are some pictures drifting their way onto Facebook, I’ll have to find and tag them for the HJ Facebook page.

However, now I’m home.  Time to do laundry and start working again.  My content editor texted me Sunday to say she had finished Elysium Dreams and her comment was “WOW!”.  I’m guessing she liked it… a lot.  I meet with her today.  Get it back, implement her required changes and move to the copy editor.  It should be ready in July, but probably not until the middle of the month.

Just as importantly, I heard a few good stories this week that will probably make their way into The Dysfunctional Chronicles.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get one written this week, but it will have to wait until August now.

Ok, I’m off to work…

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