Lack of Support?

For the purpose of this post, I am going to use the terms Aunt 1 and Aunt 2. The reason will become apparent later.

I published my first novel in September 2012. I did not expect miracles or instant best sellers. I expected a long arduous task of building a fan base, crash courses in marketing my work and successes coupled with failures.

Last night I got news that seemed to emphasis my failure. Aunt 1 published her first novel in January and has published two since that time. She writes western Christian romances. I was informed that she has sold over 700 copies of one novel in March. I haven’t managed to give away 700 copies of one novel in a single month. And it was done with no advertising, no social media, nada. Her biggest selling novel is averaging a rating of 3.5 stars.

So I started thinking what she was doing so much differently than me… the answer hit me as I lay in bed in the dead of night. She has the support of the entire family. Aunt 2 even purchased copies of Aunt 1’s first novel to mail to everyone in the family. My other aunts and cousins post her releases on their facebook and twitter pages.

None of them have bothered to share my books on their facebook or twitter pages. None have even bothered to like my facebook page or follow me on twitter. My familial support comes from my mother, my mother-in-law, and my nephews. Of those, only my mother ever shares my posts about book releases.

Obviously, I see where I stand with my own flesh and blood. And it is an eye-opening place to be standing. From this place, I can see that I do not rank very highly in their collective. For whatever reason, my own kin have passed me by, ensuring that I understand my place to be not with them, but standing outside looking in.

Considering I like my family and thought they liked me, I find their lack of interest and support to be crushing.  It also proves how far a little support actually goes…

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  1. Lack of support may be part of the reason. Another aspect is the type of writing and price point. Don’t forget to add those to the equation. How much more christian writing sells than other types of writing? Does she attend church (church’s will support their own if they are a christian writer)? Does she talk others into pushing her posts?

    What’s her price point? What’s the length of the work she is releasing? Make sure you check out the whole picture 😉 In the end, luck plays a part as well. Chin up! They love you!


    • I figured in all of that and realize that some of it is the category. I can get into lots of details about her books, I had to go help her format and publish the first one. We’ll say that her books are of average length for the genre and she is participating in KDP Select where I am not.

      However, I have also seen the posts of my family about her books and have not seen them post mine. There are a lot of factors involved, but my main concern was that she is being supported by all her sisters and about 20 cousins and I am being supported by just my immediate family. I actually find it amazing that she sold so many and am happy for her. But with 2 writers in the family, I would expect at least some equal treatment and it definitely does not exist.


      • What id KDP Select? Not familiar with that. Send all of your family a message asking them to put out a post.

        In case my family is reading this, eventually I will ask the same! I’ll even write up a suggestion on what to post! LOL


  2. KDP Select means you can only publish your ebooks on Amazon, but they put monies aside every month for lending purposes. So if you are a KDP member and someone loans your book to someone else, they pay you for the loan. However, about half my friends are Nook owners and would kill me if they couldn’t get their Nook copies…



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